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As a year-end tradition, it’s customary to formulate New Year’s resolutions with a resolve to forgive and forget. To be meaningful and challenging, I’ve selected some issues that really bug me.

For example, these will put forgiving to a true test:

I acquit Al Gore for inventing global warming, since it’ll go down in history as a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernard Madoff’s recent gargantuan fraud.

I pardon NFL quarterbacks who wear their billed caps backward, even though it is the dress style of big-city teenage gangs.

I excuse Nancy Pelosi for being the worst Speaker ever in the history of our nation’s House of Representatives.

I’ll try to tolerate gay marriage even though it symbolizes further decadence of our social and moral values.

Now, here’s some to forget from an unforgettable 2008:

For starters, I’ll forget the abundance of unrealistic promises Barack Obama has made.

Next, I’ll forget the mess congressional leadership has made of our economy and the unconscionable national debt it has created. (Sorry, but I won’t forget “congressional leadership” is an oxymoron ” and an “economic stimulus bill” is nothing but pork legislation for more wasteful projects).

The trend toward rewarding mediocrity provides much to overlook, such as the federal school system concept of social advancement replacing scholastic achievement; elimination of score keeping so as not to offend losers; and creating more than 35 college post-season games which include lousy teams instead of the few great bowl games that were meaningful because only great football teams were represented. (What’s happened to our value system?)

I’ll also ignore the un-American attitude that’s the lifestyle of Hollywood’s rich and famous, but I’ll watch old movies from Netflix rather than today’s trash.

And, lastly, I’ll not snicker at the overweight, over 40 wannabe jocks parading in public with their number 7 Elway jerseys.

So, “Let’s drink a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne” … acknowledging resolutions are apt to be broken.

Happy New Year and God bless America.

Richard Doran


Pathetic sour grapes, Mr. Kriz; President Obama won’t have time in eight years to rack up the vast array of high crimes and misdemeanors of the Bush administration.

Your great-grandchildren will still be paying Red China for Bush’s theft long after Obama is out of office.

To Mr. Whitcomb: Space in my previous letter did not allow me to make one further point about the last three Bush wars. The immense profits made by the arms industry.

The modernization of leftover World War II munitions, their use and the manufacture of new bombs, shells, bullets and military supplies in general for current use and replacement of reserve stocks has been a fantastic boon to the masters of war. This ongoing profit structure, based on the blood of our children, has made the profits made by the Krupps and the DuPonts of the past pale in comparison. I think the other class you may have slept through was history.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

Perhaps Mr. Whitcomb would enjoy studying the incoherent ramblings of Andrew Bacevich in his recently published book, “The Limits of Power.” Col. Bacevich addresses many of the points enumerated by Mr. Whitcomb and clearly needs to be straightened out.

Dana Barker


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