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Anger and sarcasm are filling too many letters to the editor. Harboring anger is like a festering cancer. Letting it go and replacing it with positive action frees a person for a meaningful life.

I humbly suggest we live our principles through action, being examples of good character, compassion, and change.

Linda Austin-Martin

Glenwood Springs

This last year readers of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent have been exposed to the thoughts of Robert Boyle and Sue Gray on many occasions. We all know where they stand on politics, war and religion.

They are both intelligent, well-read, over-educated, opinionated, left-wing, closed-minded people who don’t mind telling those of us who disagree with them we are idiots.

Their views on the war with Iraq is based on pure American greed. Oil and oil only is the reason for the war. September 11, 2001 has nothing to do with it. Where they get their information is never given, just their opinion.

Here is where I am going. I, for one, am tired of their left-wing, socialist, belittling, undocumented and condemning letters to those who would actually disagree with them. If you are going to express your beliefs, allow those of us that disagree with you to express ours with respect.

Also, would you please document and give us the sources of your information you base your opinions on? If you base them on feelings, say so; don’t go on as if you have all the facts. Show me the money, not just the rhetoric. Back up your statements or leave them at home, not on the Letters to the Editor page.

I try to back up any letter I write with fact. I give my resource so anyone who reads it can go there and see for themselves. Your opinions mean nothing without facts to back it up. If this war is based on oil, then give me your source of information. If you can’t, stop writing as if you do.

My sources for this letter are my personal feelings and my personal feelings only. There are no books, articles or speeches used to express the thoughts presented here. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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