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Mr. Shroll, aren’t you just the paragon of conservative virtue? Although your memory seems somewhat selective, it is nice for all of us condemning, left-wing, socialists (your terms of respect for us) to be reminded to treat with respect your bible-thumping, fascist brethren who call those of us who disagree with you traitors.

Although I’m sure in your scheme of things that term probably doesn’t count as disrespect and I certainly wouldn’t wish to contradict you, as you do such a fine job yourself.

Likewise, I don’t doubt you view the endless, irrelevant, boring quotes from scripture as indisputable facts. But please; except in cases where you feel the need to support your bigotry against gays and impertinent black men with the middle name of Hussein who run for president, feel free to have your “fact”-quoting pals leave that stuff off the editorial page and put it in the religion section where it actually belongs.

I’m really tired of listening to these guys try to convince themselves and each other

how righteous they are. Let’s get on with the discussion of our separate realities and see how you all do quoting the facts you call for.

Wasn’t it one of your friends who recently assured us (without quoting his sources) Al Gore invented global warming? If you will just quote the chapter and verse, I’ll be sure and tell the polar bears and the 99 percent of the noncorporate shill scientific community. They will be shocked to know all the data collected in the last 50 years can’t possibly be correct. I wonder how most of the governments in the world have been taken in by this charade.

Like you, I’m only voicing my well-read, over-educated, closed-minded opinion. Have a nice day.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

Who do you know that has been touched by cancer ” a friend, a family member, an acquaintance who touched your heart, or maybe it was you?

If you have ever wanted to join the fight against cancer but didn’t know how to get involved, then join the Relay For Life. We’ve all been touched by cancer, and the relay provides an opportunity to fight back!

The American Cancer Society invites individuals who want to honor cancer survivors (anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer) and caregivers, or pay tribute to those who have lost their battle with cancer, to join the relay.

Relay For Life is not a race, but an overnight community celebration in which individuals and teams camp out, barbecue, dance and take turns walking around a track relay-style to raise funds, while celebrating the lives of those who have had cancer, remembering those lost, and fighting back against a disease that takes too much.

At nightfall, participants light thousands of luminarias around the track in a moving ceremony to honor cancer survivors as well as friends and family members lost to the disease.

The 2009 Rifle Area Relay For Life will hold its kickoff on Jan. 15 at the Garfield Re-2 Learning Opportunities Center (839 Whiteriver Ave., Rifle) beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated. It’s about a community taking up the fight.

Come join us! For more information go to, or contact Theresa Hamilton at We hope to see you there.

Theresa Hamilton and the Rifle Area Relay For Life Committee

If you believe in a warm, cozy, global community, where anyone who can sneak, slither or swim into your country is welcome, then you would have loved the “reverse migration” column by someone from the Aspen Times last week.

Like all open-border, bleeding-heart mentalities, this liberal doesn’t worry about our children’s future. In fact, our recent election was a no-win situation for American sovereignty. The Republicans want more cheap labor and the Democrats want more votes. So, darn the American worker and homeland security, we have our political priorities.

When will our valley stop being a safe-haven destination for any felon or terrorist with a wanderlust for America? How long will we endure the abuse and bankruptcy of our health care, education, welfare and prison systems? Does unemployment need to reach Great Depression levels before we realize there are no jobs Americans won’t do?

There are ways to help rid ourselves of this scourge. One is to replace elected officials who abet illegal immigration. Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario is on his way to spending a million taxpayer dollars defending his right to use Tasers to run his little gulag and therefore not housing any illegal felons for I.C.E. We need a new sheriff.

Another way is to stop giving to Catholic Charities. They not only use your donations, but also billions of federal monies, to promote the illegal invasion, in open defiance of our nation’s laws.

We must enforce the laws we have and vastly improve border security before any thought can be given to rewarding criminals with a pathway to citizenship. A T-shirt I own says it all ” “No illegals, No compromise, No amnesty.”

Bruno Kirchenwitz


In response to Ms. Coddington (Jan. 1) and Mr. Wright (Dec. 29).

First of all, there is no “blood for oil” war. We have not and will not seize Iraq’s oil as you left-wingers constantly claim.

Secondly, no one has forced any soldiers to go to war. This country has a voluntary force. Anyone enlisting in the service knows they have the chance to be called to war.

That is what a military does. Protects you, me, and other U.S. interests. Go back to school and learn your history.

Furthermore, contrary to popular flower-power beliefs, 70 percent of all the forces in Vietnam were enlisted, not drafted.

Saddam Hussein violated all the resolutions to the cease fire of the Gulf War. Including continuously firing on our fighters patrolling the “No Fly Zones” of the region. Saddam had 18 months warning to move and hide his weapons before our invasion. He was funding terrorists, suicide bombers and developing weapons of mass destruction.

Get off your Michael Moore high horse, and come out of the clouds. Peace through strength is the only solution. Wise up, and get real. Our soldiers fight for our sovereignty, fully knowing the possibilities, sacrifices, rewards, and importance. You should as well. Or are you 10 or 12 years old?

Read something besides “Marley and Me,” and maybe you could finally see the light. But I doubt it.

Tom Gallagher Glenwood Springs

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