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Also addressed to Glenwood City CouncilI have to admit Doug Meyers article, in reference to the potential $2,250,000 Midland Avenue project, seemed to have merit. It just seems downright extravagant, if not plain irresponsible to spend $2 million to solve a speed-control issue for just one street in town. In hindsight, it seems quite absurd to throw a quarter-million dollars at a design study, also.This isnt rocket science. Every town in the world deals with it. You want to put in some fancy speed bumps or tables, as they are now called, fine. You want to flash speed radar signs, fine. But when all is said and done, what gets anybody to slow down is simply speeding tickets issued by police.Personally, I feel a 30 mph limit is more realistic for Midland Avenue. That, along with a few signs that read, You will be fined for speeding over the posted 30 mph limit would not only work to control speed, but would have the added benefit of creating some income, versus expense, for the city.For less than $75,000, you could have a new patrol car staffed with a traffic control officer who could not only enforce the new 30 mph speed limit, but could also enforce other neglected traffic violations, i.e., speeding on other city street besides Midland Avenue, boom box decibel violations, failure to use turn signals, failure to move to the right and let faster traffic pass, etc., that plague the whole community.Ed RosenbergGlenwood Springs

I am absolutely appalled at the religious rantings of Ramona and Ross Talbott, owners of Apple Tree Trailer Park. I find it very offensive when people cloak themselves in prayer and self-righteousness when pointing fingers at the actions of others. Mrs. Talbott claims law enforcement paved a path to hell with their actions. Her husband drones on, as he always does, in a similar vein, citing biblical standards and attacking a godly family. I was raised in a godly family also, Mr. Talbott. My mother belonged to the Christian Science religion, a cult-like group that, thank God, is dying out. Adhering strictly to their biblical standards, they do not allow their members to seek medical help of any kind for members or their children, even their pets. I never received immunizations or had my broken bones set. If I were in pain or ill, I was handed religious textbooks and the Bible and told if there was no healing it was because I was bad. But I was lucky. I saw children die from illnesses and injuries they could have survived if they had had proper medical attention. A playmate died from complications of a compound fracture; she lingered for weeks in horrible pain from the infection until she died. If the police had intervened, these children most certainly would have lived. But back then, friends and neighbors looked the other way, it wasnt any of their business. Even the fuzzy photo of the Shiflett boy showed a traumatic bruise. If that had been my child, I would have broken all the speeding laws to get him to the hospital. Who cares if the hospital recommended ice and Tylenol, it could have been far worse. What if he had died from unseen complications? Then who would the Talbotts and others have been pointing at?Sheriff Vallario, you did the right thing. Susan MountjoyGlenwood Springs

Lets clamor for a voting system that accurately and trustworthily records and counts the will of our democracy. Lets stop being fooled and robbed, election after election. Stop proving our gullibility and obsequiance. Lets demand a system that allows for input by all Americans, which is counted two different ways, with at least one hard-copy count, like every point-of-sale transaction in America.Why has it missed the media that the only electronic voting machine certified by the Colorado Secretary of State, republican Mike Coffman, is the only voting machine that has been litigated against for vote count aberrations in seven states? One that Princeton University researchers found to have an undocumented backdoor, in Diebold’s main GEM Central Tabulator & software. Diebold has changed its name to Premier Election Solutions since 2004, but has not announced reconfiguring its voting machines to have votes verified twice with a paper cross-count or to be less-easily tampered with.Clamor for trustworthy!John HoffmanCarbondale

Apparently illegal Latinos are here to take your job, abuse women, sell drugs, get drunk and commit crimes while exploiting the social services system. None of them are here because the legal process of immigration is a bureaucratic labyrinth, and they live in poverty and despair . Risking getting across the border seems like a better option.Be honest, be authentic about what you believe and do not camouflage it in language. When you write or complain about illegal immigrants, you are complaining because the immigrants are changing the society you live in, and you hate it because the change they bring it is not what you want. Change is inherent in life. This community isnt as dependent on coal mining as it once was. Nearly every one of us walks around with a communication device in our pocket and has a desk or laptop device more powerful than the computers of the Apollo missions. Object to change, but fight the actual agent of change. American businesses are paying below-minimum wage, or are not taking payroll or Social Security taxes. Immigration happens because they thought it offered them hope of a better life. Be valid in your complaints, and dont use statistics that have been proven false like Illegal immigrants account for 2,160,000 sex crimes.Porous borders allow American businesses to avoid paying a living wage. The people they import work off the books and are willing to live in squalor. Americans remain unemployed, and illegal aliens clean our hotel rooms or pick our fruit. Rich people need only one thing poor people.Make it easier for people to do what you want them to do, and harder for them to do what you dont want them to do. A sensible immigration policy would make it easier for people of color. Stop demeaning your fellow human beings, and see what you can do to force our representatives to uphold those laws. Every time you disparage the Latinos or their advocates like Tom Ziemann, you reveal your issue isnt with the immigration policy, but who the immigrants are. James BlatterNew Castle

We have met Akim Gama many times over the past several years and know him to be a loyal, hard working member of our community. It appears he has not been treated fairly by our overburdened immigration system. We support his cause and will do anything we can to see that he has a fair hearing on his request for asylum. He deserves a chance to prove his case for coming to this country.It is heartening to see the Post Independent support one of the lesser known, hard working members of our community. Thank you for the kind of information you are providing.Jitter and Patricia NolenGlenwood Springs

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