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Happy New Year: a time for hope and renewal! With the challenges we face, let’s value what our world and community can do and how much we can accomplish when we work together.One of our brightest spots locally to look to, is the wonderful ongoing art project, Open a New Door to a Healthier Community. Renick Stevenson, artist-in-residence at the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, will provide participants with a door you and others can paint in a joint effort of creating.My mother and I recently lost Dad, so she came to stay with us for awhile. She was mourning and hurting, but I encouraged her to help me paint the door we had picked up that week. Nervous and shy, she finally picked up a brush and promptly got lost in creating for at least 30 minutes. I was so happy to see her stepping into the joy of painting, and felt huge gratitude for this opportunity to participate. It was like watching a child get lost in coloring.The finished doors are for sale at the art center, and proceeds go to the following non-profits: Habitat for Humanity, Mountain Valley Developmental Services, and community art projects. Please step up and join the project. I promise you, it will truly create an open door for you.Thank you, Renick, for your continual inspiration and hope. And remember this year’s theme for the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts is Hope. Don’t miss the wonderful upcoming All Member & Student Exhibit January 10 February 22 with reception at 6 p.m. January 23.Art, now more than ever, is an essential element for our spirits in these challenging times.Linda DrakeGlenwood Springs

Whats more important in developing respect and admiration for our elected congressional representatives than for them to demonstrate credibility and decisive leadership?How often has Democratic Senate leadership (an oxymoron) taken a strong on an issue, only to back down when confronted? Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader (also, an oxymoron) continues to demonstrate his foot-in-the-mouth management style. Once again this guy has unjustly bloviated by unequivocally stating Roland Burris would not be seated in the U.S. Senate! Reid was brazen and outspoken in taking issue with the Burris appointment by Illinois Governor-in-limbo Blagojevich.According to reliable media sources (another oxymoron), the Senate leadership clearly backed this position and Burris was denied entry to the inner sanctum by the Senate Secretary when he showed up on January 6 to be seated.What a difference a day makes!Twenty-four hours later, isnt that our junior senator from Illinois that has been welcomed with open arms and words of praise by our Senate Majority leader?Well, it comes as no surprise that another fiasco has occurred in what is termed as our governments upper house with its exclusive powers. Why, oh why, do these exclusive powers always seem to focus on making bad decisions and exercising poor judgment?God Bless America!Richard DoranParachute

We were sorry to read that Stina has left the Glenwood Springs Post Independent staff. We have enjoyed her perspectives and musings over the last year. It has also be gratifying to see her writing develop and blossom as she experienced her new life here in the Roaring Fork Valley.Bon Voyage, Stina!Amy Levenson & Terry Glasenapp Glenwood Springs

Also addressed: Mr. Boyle,What do you base your statements on, and I quote, your bigotry against gays and impertinent black men with the middle name Hussein? I did not vote for President Obama, but it wasnt because he is black or impertinent. I voted against him because I believe he is very left-wing (supported by his voting record as senator) and leans toward socialism and even larger government. I do not agree with the lifestyle of people who are gay, but I am not prejudiced against them. It was the citizens of the liberal state of California who voted against recognizing gay marriage, exercising their rights as citizens to pass laws which reflect their beliefs. Isnt that what America is about?The foundation of Christianity is based upon the fact that human beings are not righteous, and therefore in need of a savior and redeemer. I and my fact quoting pals will continue to battle this countrys minority, which has taken God out of schools and public buildings. Man, I am stumped when it comes to Al Gore and global warming. I never wrote about your buddy Al, another one of your not getting the facts straight, Robert. But since you brought it up, I believe we do have a global warming problem. I believe Al Gore may be the biggest contributor to the problem with the hot air that guy puts out. All I ask of you and Ms. Gray is when you write about the war and attribute it to American greed for oil, you back up your beliefs with facts. You both have no problem landing on anyone who would disagree with you, but never give any proof of your statements. I would like to formally apologize for the name-calling I did in my letter to both of you. I had read Ms. Grays letter and one of yours, both of which were extremely rude and unfair, and I had reacted in anger and without thought. I will not lower myself to that standard again.Norm ShrollGlenwood Springs

Addressed: Dear Stina,I was so sorry to read your last Out There. I think you have been a great addition to the paper and your focus on the arts; its certainly the papers loss and ours. Except for here in my studio and at a party at Dan and Novas house, Ive only seen you on the street downtown a few times, but I think you brought something special to this town. I hope nothing but the best for you and wish you well. I hope happiness becomes your friend.Douglas ArnesonGlenwood Springs

On Friday, Jan. 9, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at 901 Palmer in Glenwood Springs, I am holding a community fundraiser potluck in support of Friendship City Exchange (Glenwoods Sister City Program) and Food Relief for Nicaragua. The corn and bean crops failed this year in the Jalapa Valley, especially in Teote. This means even less food for these hungry people. I will travel there Jan. 16 and will be carrying what money I can raise to fill food banks in the town, run by two local churches there. One dollar buys a pound of rice, corn or beans. Tax-deductible checks made out to FCE can be mailed to me at 901 Palmer, Glenwood Springs CO 81601 or donated at the potluck party. Contact me at (970) 987-1820. No RSVP is necessary. I will also collect checks for LIFT-UP, if you would prefer to help closer at home. Lets be of service to the world, right here in Glenwood.Doug Evans BetancoGlenwood Springs

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