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Regarding the recent articles about certain state legislators who are attempting to delay or do away with regulations for gas and oil drilling, it would appear either that these politicians are uninformed as to the consequences of unregulated business practices especially in view of the recent debacle caused by the unregulated financial services industry or that they do not understand the principles of supply and demand and how overproduction will affect these principles.

I notice that they never mention that Colorado has the lowest mineral severance taxes compared to our neighboring states. According to the politicians lower taxes always generate more business and one would think that this would offset the effects of any regulations.

If the politicians are not uninformed then perhaps their opposition is in direct proportion to the amount of privately owned mineral rights they or their families own or the amount of payments they receive in the form of campaign contributions from the energy industry.

It seems that neighboring states that have higher severance taxes and more stringent regulations do not seem to have the boom and bust cycles that are common in Colorado. Perhaps the legislature should do a study on this.

Garry Evenson


John Herbst’s religious tirades about how great religion is and that Christianity can make the United States a great nation again, needs to be moved to the faith pages of the paper. “The United States (of America) was in no way founded as a Christian nation.” Bet Mr. Herbst hasn’t researched who said that.

While I’m at it, did the former Rev. Dobson of Colorado Springs (highly regarded in a recent posting), a Christian crusader talking about homosexuals going to hell if they aren’t born again, how evolution is a theory, etc., have his other life revealed? Oh no, wasn’t that life about having sex with a man, while doing highly addictive meth? And all the while preaching his religious right-wing anti-secular agenda?

Don Grange

Glenwood Springs

As you unforgettingly miss the quietness of the night. For to listen; there is something. Listen to the quietness to hear yourself. Darkness is the time to replenish yourself. For tomorrow brings hope to all.

Wake to the wondrous of the morning. To understand this is a day for us to live. We live for the hope and dream for others. For without this, is life possible? We are able to work and enjoy this wondrous time. Children are arousing to start the day. We are more grateful for that. We love our children to know they are there.

Time causes all to lose the reality to life. As we lose reality, we lose ourselves. Always take the time to be a family. For the family is the most important item you may ever cherish. Have the moment to love your children, less for yourself.

Worldly items are of the lesser. You can replace them.

Can you replace the love?

For the ones you have forgotten, you are the ones to remember the one lost. Never lose the faith; you hold the true meaning to it.

Let not the world consume you as a person. Let it be your life to enjoy and bring happiness to others. You only hold the key to what may be your true fate. For you may hold the love all others may have forgotten.

Your true love for others will bring life to the misfortunate. Love will come back when you least expect it.

Sid Abbey

New Castle

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