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I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

I’m mad because every minute of every day I’m sick to my stomach over what’s happening in Gaza.

I’m mad my government abstained from the U.N. Resolution calling for a cease-fire.

I’m mad because while the rest of the world condemns Israel’s war crimes, our Congress passed a resolution giving them America’s unconditional support.

I’m mad my tax money is being used to supply Israel with weapons that are slaughtering fellow human beings.

But most of all, as a Jew, I’m mad at Jews. Not just Jews in Israel and not just Jews in America who actively support Israel, but the ones who passively allow these atrocities to be committed by a self-proclaimed Jewish state without so much as a word of protest.

The Jewish tradition is based on law and social justice, both of which are being violated in an appalling criminal act by Israel.

Gaza was first turned into a concentration camp where the prisoners were deprived of their basic needs and rights. Then Israel marched in and began exterminating Palestinian people, stating the goal was to rid them of their democratically elected government.

As the genocide continues with the United States’ blessing, the bodies of men, women and children pile up in the streets and morgues. Thousands have been cruelly wounded, families literally blown apart, their homes and neighborhoods utterly destroyed. It doesn’t matter who “started it,” there is no justification for Israel’s disproportionate war on the Gazan people.

Given our past, it makes me physically sick and mad as hell Jews the world over are not uniting in one loud voice against this hideous atrocity, for which all Jews bear responsibility, and will ultimately pay the price. Israel is fomenting anti-Semitism around the world, and attacks on Jews are already beginning.

I say as a Jew to all Jews who do not stand up for law, justice, human rights and an immediate ceasefire: Shame on you! You may have doomed us all.

Bruce Gray


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