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The Israeli government’s actions in Gaza are completely unacceptable as military bombing continues to play the usual havoc on an innocent civilian population. What selective Israeli bombing protocols are they using? Well, whatever they are, they’re great for indiscriminately killing, maiming and terrorizing thousands of innocent people and eliminating any real chance for peace in that world.

Can we expect a change in this new Congress and administration to seriously question and reverse our slightly-biased policies towards Israel? The American Israeli lobbyists (AIPC) might want you to believe something else. Really!

The efforts of AIPC over too many years promoted Israeli and American interests at the expense of serious peace negotiations with Palestine. Well, what are good lobbyists for? Tragically, this latest military action in Gaza and the current Hamas rule in Palestine, are the indirect result of AIPC’s success at influencing our foreign policy with a slight slant toward Israel. Cheers, they are good at what they do. But that doesn’t make it right, does it?

Are there any options for peace remaining? Supporting sovereign rights of Palestinian state is one thing. But extremists factions on either side can’t broker a peace, the way I’m thinking. True believers of peace, please come to the table now.

Suppose that means moderates on both sides.

Without getting into details, retribution for lands Palestinians once owned … has got to happen. This is a horse pill someone over there has to swallow. The sooner the better.

We need a new attitude before this will occur. Any change will be painful for Israel, but I see no other choice for them or us.

Ron Wright

Glenwood Springs

I find it disgusting the two people most responsible for the financial problems our country is now facing, are not more clearly identified. Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman of the US Committee for Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; and Congressman Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, are almost singly the reason for the mess which has created hardship of millions, and will plague our children, grandchildren, and future generations for decades.

When warned about developing problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they refused to allow legislation to advance which would have saved our country from the mess we are in. This condemnation should follow them every day of their lives, and they should be removed from their positions of power.

Unfortunately, both are now protected by being members of the party in power.

Dick Prosence


I made a mistake in my letter published January 12 in your paper. I was referring to Ted Haggard of New Life Church, not Mr. Dobson, in regards to the meth and sex of 2006 with a male prostitute.

Although both men are anti-gay.

Don Grange

Glenwood Springs

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