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I applaud Gov. Ritter and lawmakers for placing transportation funding at the top of the priority list for this legislative session. Any Coloradan can recognize the problem. Traffic congestion and crumbling bridges and overpasses are just two of the signs drivers around the state see every day.

Investing in our transportation system is also critical to working our way out of the economic decline. As a member of the construction industry, I know firsthand investing in infrastructure will put people back to work. It’s generally accepted $1 billion in infrastructure funding generates 40,000 jobs.

Solving the problem of transportation funding is long overdue, and the sheer size of the price tag makes this an enormous task. I urge our lawmakers to maintain their resolve and invest in transportation infrastructure, and invest now.

The answer to funding our infrastructure will be the key to Colorado’s economic recovery and securing our future.

Mark Hickey

Glenwood Springs

Each generation parades and passes. Within each parade are memorable people. I remember Jo Crutcher. She has recent company with the passing of Ora Sloss and Stan Dodson. Jo wove the people of the moment into the fabric and memories of her era.

In spite of the fact her memorial service was in Grand Junction, many Glenwood Springs residents attended. Good, bad or indifferent, reflection on the facets of her life conjures up memories of many people. So the term “matriarch of the baby boomer generation” may apply?

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Let me respond to two letters commenting on my letter criticizing Israel’s brutal pounding of Gaza.

First, Tracy Wynn’s. Tracy, Ilan Pappe, an Israel-born historian, tells, in a thoroughly documented book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” a history of the birthing of the State of Israel that is diametrically opposed to yours. Pappe quotes or refers to statements made by David Ben Gurion and to his diaries and to archival records kept by the various terrorist groups active in and around 1947-8. These were the Irgun, Stern’s Gang, Palmach and the Haganah and others. Pappe describes, quoting from contemporary reports and descriptions by eyewitnesses, attacks on individual villages and towns, telling of physical destruction, assassinations, massacres and general terrorism, all intended to drive the indigenous people out.

The attacks were not random, they were made according to a plan, begun under Ben Gurion’s leadership in 1946, and activated in ’47. Palestinians had to be driven out if Israel was to be a Jewish state.

Second, Bernard Feldman. Mr. Feldman wrote about Hamas being a terrorist organization. It is more than that. It is a democratically elected government. Israel is also a democratically elected government, and it is also a terrorist state. Witness its over-the-top destruction of much of Lebanon, and now of Gaza.

Both entities reject the other’s right to exist. Israelis claim all of Erets Israel (Palestine). Palestinians claim all of Palestine. Neither can have it all. They must accept each other and their neighbors.

Peter Larrowe


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