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I enjoyed Karen Hall’s poop letter on Jan. 13. She was gracious about something so outlandish, it took me many months back, to realize it was really true. Many Glenwood folks enjoy excrement everywhere. Those who don’t enjoy it, they OK it, and willingly live with it.

Last winter, a friend’s dog nearly died of giardia, intestinal parasites. His vet explained he sees many cases, some dogs getting it more than once a season, because dog owners leave their excrement all over. The dogs snuffle around it, to get the old juices flowing, and ingest the parasites. There can be payback of sorts, if the sickened dog now dribbles a trail of giardia-infested diarrhea around the home. The dog owners’ shoes carry it in. It’s covering our town. My friend’s dog has already had its first case of 2009.

What if a group came to town with the idea of introducing a non-native animal, and this group’s demands included immunity from health and human welfare regulations? The group would retain the right to raise, feed and deposit literally tons of excrement every week, everywhere they choose. Disregarding whichever water source their waste affected, and our individual property owners’ rights, they’d convince us and themselves we really live out in the wild.

Neighbors will stand and chat, while their dog lays some huge steamer, right there, glistening. Then they walk away with their heads held high, people who want to preserve the environment, green-thinkers, recyclers. And now even Sunlight? Whatever happened to our unspoken agreement, not to foul our own nest?

There are maggots and microbes from here to both rivers (ew).

Here’s how it works: Bring a plastic grocery sack on every walk. Your hands don’t have to touch the poop. Put the hand inside the bag, grab the poop, fold the bag back over the hand, tying the poop up inside. Messless, odorless. Those bags are already produced, let’s use them!

Every dog walker needs a visible poopsack in hand, or tied to the leash. Without this, we’ll assume the obvious about such a one.

Kerry Smith

Glenwood Springs

Mr. Prosence (Jan. 15) is correct to point at Congress and remind us of its responsibility in our financial disaster. And Mr. Dodd and Mr. Frank as chairmen of their respective committees should be called to terms about their decisions.

What I find more disgusting is this (point) has become a Republican talking point which attempts to divert attention from the absolute irresponsibility of the Bush administration, both in attitude and action. You know, the ones which created the laissez-faire atmosphere for all things government ” all things regulatory and financial. The culpability of the Republicans in the administration and in Congress far exceeds that of Mr. Dodd and Mr. Frank, but you hear Mr. Dodd and Mr. Frank blamed over and over by bloggers and spinners and otherwise reasonable people like Mr. Prosence.

The other current favorite talking point claims that FDR failed when he was feeding people and making work projects as part of the New Deal (and that only World War II got us out of the depression.) That’s like saying a patient in intensive care should be denied care because they can’t do the care themselves. That the New Deal may have been a transitional economic program does not change the fact it worked. (We know Medicaid and social security enduring today, are not transitional.) Feeding people who like to eat every day necessarily focuses on short-term policy.

We will never know what would have happened if the war had not occurred, but it’s only because the country survived and the patient lived, that the patient lived to fight another day.

I hope war is never considered as a helpful economic stimulation, an idea that could influence our withdrawal from Iraq or the situation in Iran. Soldiers should not be grist for an economy.

Barbara Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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