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Maybe I’m just dense ” we cowboys can be like that ” but $300 million is a lot. G.W. Bush was chastised for spending $50 million on his inauguration, and that’s one-third of what Obama’s spending. With the convention in Denver, much more than $150 million, are we seeing a pattern develop?

I for one heard, “I will cut wasteful spending as a first priority.” Yet we hear of $400 spousal lunches during the campaign and now this. What percentage of you have ever had a $400 dinner, let alone a lunch? One heck of a Big Mac.

Everyone was hoping, “This will be a new start.”

I personally don’t care if 100 percent of the $150 million for the inauguration is donated, it’s a sinful waste. I would expect a leader for change to accept the half that are “quote, donations,” which would make his party 50 percent more than his predecessor, and do with that. Or say instead, we’re going to spend only $25 million and the other $50 million, will go to aid programs, thus my inauguration will be cost-free to the taxpayers.

Are you even aware how much money $150 million is? It’s more than 83 countries’ entire fiscal budget. It would fill three dump trucks with $100 bills. It would be 30 inches high on a table that was 175 feet long.

I fear we may be in for a spend, tax, spend administration. The problem is, you and I pay that bill. I, for one, am livid.

And I’ll bet more than one is saying, “I want my vote back.”

I cannot condone such Romanistic waste, and would love for someone to explain why it must cost $150 million to swear in our new hope.

Randy Smith

Glenwood Springs

The “Undefeated” column by Mike Vidakovich brought back a lot of great memories, not only of the state championships we won that year, but of the friendships we forged that will last a lifetime. Much like the 2008 Demon football team, we had a group of guys who played for each other and for the coaches, sacrificing individual accolades for the goal of a championship.

The problem with Mike’s article is he left out one very important element to this story ” himself. Mike was the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News MVP of the 1979 state basketball tournament. First and foremost, he was a sharpshooter who honed his skills every night at Sayre Park, come rain or shine. Mike was second on the team in scoring and rebounding, and his passing was much like that of his idol, Pistol Pete Maravich. Without his all-around game, there is no way we could have won that championship.

So Vidak, thanks for taking us back in time, and I appreciate your humility, but those who are still around the area and read your article will definitely remember the lanky forward who filled the hoop every night from anywhere on the court, helping make the dreams of a state championship for the players on that team come true.

Scott Bolitho

New Castle

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