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The planning commission has approved the Bair Chase subdivision, and I’m very disappointed this is the direction they chose. I understand the economic forces/pressures for so-called affordable housing, but do we value open space and wildlife habitat? Do these things enter into the picture at all?

Here’s one small point in this debate. The other night, driving home to Carbondale from Glenwood on Highway 82, I couldn’t help but notice the herd of elk grazing very close to the edge of the highway. This herd of elk has been kicked around in this area, which is a winter place for them, at least for the 25 years I’ve lived here.

First by Aspen Glen, then the original developers of Bair Chase, ruined this winter grazing area then left it torn up after running out of money. Isn’t the county supposed to check if developers have the funds to finish a project?

A noted architect and planner from Basalt noted to me the other day that elk are a non-native species in this area, and were imported from elsewhere. My comment is that housing subdivisions are exactly the same. Then comes Ironbridge and more pressure.

I’d like to know what is the county going to do about the elk herd when you take all the winter pasture? Will they be “culled” like the elk in Rocky Mountain National Park? I guess it would be more humane to do that, than have them picked-off one-by-one on killer 82.

Do the gurus at the Division of Wildlife give you a pass-the-buck by saying this bunch of wild animals is not important and is pressuring human habitat?

OK, here’s the question: When do we begin to value what we enjoy and care about open spaces, wildlife, clean(er) air and water, as more than a minor commodity to be brushed aside in favor of dollars?

As a taxpayer and voter, I’d like to see development take place around existing towns, and leave open the open spaces we have left.

Larry Tallmadge


Jamison Reed’s letter (Jan. 18) had all the earmarks of a bleeding-heart, open-border mentality. He thinks illegal aliens are not “real” criminals. He blames me, the victim, for the Basalt 7-Eleven drive-by shooting.

I never blamed the Basalt Police Department for failing to catch the criminals. I accused Chief Keith Ikeda of ineptitude and dishonesty. He lied about what I said the night of the shooting. Two days later, he released one of the suspects for “lack of evidence.” Chief Ikeda waited two weeks before releasing a picture of the shooter, and then only to stem public outrage.

Jamie says that although many things I write are true, he feels I’m full of hate only for illegal Hispanics. Well, for the record, I think he’s “full of it,” too.

Wanting our immigration laws enforced is not hateful. Life, Mr. Reed, is too short to hate. I believe all illegal aliens, not just illegal Hispanics, should be deported.

By writing letters, I believe I am doing something positive. Illegal aliens are the tools the rich use to suppress legal American workers. Illegal immigration is a plague, and I want to help eradicate the disease.

Mr. Reed should lose the naïve attitude and do a reality check.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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