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The Glenwood Springs Rotary Club would like to recognize Stanley Dodson, who passed away January 10th.

Among his many passions in life was his passion for Rotary. Stan looked forward to the Friday meetings throughout the week.

He shared stories; he appreciated everyone, and was a great contribution.

His dignified manner and articulate presentation will be missed. Stanley L. Dodson was a distinguished gentleman.

Dan Smith

Glenwood Springs

I had been putting up with the chirping of crickets in my laundry room for months until I thought I should do something about them. On the Internet, I found an encyclopedia of information about crickets: the damage they do to your home and what can be done to get rid of them … at the cost of $40 for a gallon of “stuff” to spray around the infested room.

Dinner guests the other evening called my attention to the chirping. I told them of the cricket infestation. They accepted the fact I might have crickets, but did not accept the fact what they were hearing were crickets. They convinced me it was from one of the smoke detectors. We checked the detectors and, sure enough, there was one with a faulty battery.

So, if your hearing is waning and you hear crickets chirping in your belfry ” check your smoke alarms.

Stephen Kuhn

Glenwood Springs

In response to Bo Balcomb’s letter regarding our concern with the events unfolding in Israel and how that won’t help feed and clothe her eight-week-old daughter, allow me to connect some dots for you.

It is American-supplied F-16 fighter jets, helicopter gunships, missiles and bombs which Israel uses to destroy the civilian infrastructure of Gaza and to murder the Palestinian people. What is happening to those people is happening because of American money and weapons. Money which could be used to help the American people, or as you put it, “give some candy to Americans.” Getting the picture now? It is just as much an attack by the United States as an attack by Israel.

The U.S. government is complicit in war crimes. We are engaged in pointless wars which have cost Americans (and that includes you, my friend) $3 trillion, while millions of Americans lose their jobs, their pensions and their access to health care.

Health care that you may need one day for your baby.

And let me make another connection for you. Our support of Israel’s war crimes only serves to fuel the hatred of the Arab community for the United States, which in turn impacts the safety and security of this country, including the safety of your child, your family.

See, Bo, some of us can look outside the box and see the bigger picture.

And finally, if it were your family being bombed and killed like the Palestinians, you’d also hope the world at large would notice.

Lo Maret

El Jebel

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