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We have the highest fuel prices from Grand Junction to Denver. Up to 40 cents + more per gallon. If you are concerned, please call, write, or e-mail Rep. Al White: P.O. Box 1627, Hayden, CO 81639; cell: 303-886-2537; State Capital: 303-886-2949; e-mail :

G. Smokey Slaven


Over the Christmas holiday, I told Rocky Whitworth and Dakota Stonehouse the 1978 State Championship Team was the best football team in Glenwood Springs High School history, and now that honor goes to this year’s State Championship Team.

When you have that 0 at the end of the year with a State Championship trophy, you have earned that right. Congratulations!

Being the 30th anniversary of the undefeated State Championship basketball team, it was great to see the article from Mike Vidakovich. My father, older brother Rob (1975 State Champs) were recently reminiscing about that year. Just in case all the other State Championship teams still are confused, especially the 1984 team, my dad again reiterated the 1979 team was, and still is, the best. Having that 0 with the State Championship still trumps a State Championship with a 1 at the end.

Oh, by the way, Mike forgot to mention the most important person on that 1979 team.

We used to call him Tick Tock because his jump shot was like clock work. He was named the MVP of the 1979 State Basketball Tournament, and was a first team all-state player along with Kevin. His name was Mike Vidakovich, and I believe he still has a pretty good jump shot!

Rick Chavez

Southlake, Texas

To those in the “Obama Ether” who elected the slickest fraud to ever reach the White House: what were you thinking? Are you thinking? Are you really stupid enough to have let the criminally-biased liberal mass (as opposed to mainstream) media suffering “white guilt” of all absurdities, convince you to elect a profoundly unqualified and corrupt Chicago Machine, socialist politician to lead us? Do you actually still get all of your information from the journalists at CNN and MSNBC?

Obama skated for 18 months, silver-tonguing sophomoric platitudes with no recognition to his: birth; Marxist upbringing (mother and father); socialist and Black Liberation Theology philosophy; radical background; multiple unsavory associations; disgusting political ploys in this and all previous political campaigns, and much more.

The irreversible dilemma now is the collective, staggering economic ignorance of the political class ” especially Democrats ” who created in the first place the economic disaster we now suffer. Yes, Congress perpetually controlled by them and dating back to passing the Community Recovery Act in the Carter Administration, forced lenders to lend billions to millions of outrageously unqualified borrowers in pursuit of the American Dream via the grossly misnamed euphemism, affordable housing.

How do you cure the disease of funny money with geometrically more of it? The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing while expecting different results.

Obama did not confer with economists of all stripes ” not even close (just another platitude). As a result, he will convert what would probably have been a 12-18 month tough recession into a depression lasting years and years and more miserable years.

Exactly as FDR unarguably did. The critical difference is Obama now has the benefit of that misguided effort. But then, Obama is most interested, not in reviving our economy, but transforming (his word) us into a Socialist nation by spreading the wealth around (his words). His enforcer ” Chicago style ” Rahm Emanuel, tipped Obama’s hand when he said, to the effect, “We never want to waste a good crisis to accomplish things we couldn’t otherwise,” i.e. socialism.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs and Denver

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