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It is finally here. Jan. 20, 2009, was the day that Barack Obama took office as President of the United States in the most historical moment of American government. He is a man that, regardless of his position on the various issues, will address problems up front, and demonstrate the character this country desperately needs.

Any man who holds the office now faces difficulties in his quest for progress on a national and international level, but the people couldn’t have elected a more suitable man for the challenge.

We must remember the changes and actions he wants to make cannot be done by him alone. He needs the citizens of the country to act and cooperate, and must overcome gridlock which is part of our governmental system. However, there is hope, because this is the constitutionally-upholding Senator many, including me, have been looking for.

He can point this country in the right direction. He can terminate illegal and imperialistic wars (like in Iraq), cut back on excessive foreign intervention, talk to enemies instead of starting wars and instigating more hatred, set the stage for economic reform and respect for resources, get our health care and schooling back in line, and set an example for all nations across the globe.

Unity is a beautiful thing, and it can be achieved in this country with the help of a steadfast and committed Commander in Chief.

Congratulations, President Barack Obama.

Jomas Gibson

Grand Junction

Secular liberals in Western nations generally consider the War on Terror as a clash between Christianity and fundamentalist Islam. Due to continuing media bias, many Americans actually consider conservative Christianity and radical Islam as roughly equivalent. Unfortunately, this irrational premise is held even more strongly in Europe.

In this absurd view, Christian and Muslim fanatics are still at each other’s throats, just as they were in the Crusades. In such demented thinking, the only solution is for the West to replace its Christian heritage with anti-religious secularism. The fact that Christianity has been a moderating force in Western nations is conveniently overlooked.

In reality, this extreme form of Western secularism is exactly what is alienating traditional Muslims and pushing them toward militant radicalism. Islamists such as Osama Bin Laden actually make their case against the United States and the West on the grounds that our cultures have abandoned Christianity. From Bin Laden’s perspective and that of his allies, the conflict is between Muslim-led forces of monotheism and morality against Western forces of atheism and immorality. Though he refers to the U.S. as a Crusader state, his arguments clearly show he believes the West is intent on imposing atheistic and pagan values on Muslims, not Christianity.

Kurshid Ahmad, the influential Pakistani leader of Jamaat-i-Islami says, “Had Western culture been based on Christianity, on morality, and on faith, the language and modus operandi of the contact and conflict would have been different. But that is not the case.”

The assertion the international campaign of political leaders against Muslim terror is a battle between two opposing forms of religious fundamentalism is patently false.

What should disturb us is the fact we as a nation have allowed activist judges and politicians to separate us from the Christian heritage which once made us the envy of the world.

Steve Hagerman

Grand Junction

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