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With Barack Hussein Obama in office, all the nation’s critical issues are now under control. For me to find a subject of interest to dismantle, I had to resort to a topic that’s “less than front page news.”

So, I congratulate our U. S. House of Representatives for some important “nonpartisan legislation” they handled Jan. 22, in passing HR 58, “Commending the University of Florida Gators for winning the Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game.” (Go, Gators!)

You’d think this a “no-brainer,” giving appropriate recognition where it’s much deserved … but true to the tradition of “political pettiness” the House vote was not “unanimous” as it should have been. Granted, the resolution passed, receiving 399 “aye” votes, but consider the 29 undecided. Can you believe that 22 “abstained” and seven voted “present?” Was this such a challenging decision, they simply couldn’t take a stand?

To the contrary, the five House members who voted “nay” may be entitled to some recognition for candor, but more for purely selfish, inexcusable, negative voting. These five distinguished “naysayer” representatives are Jason Altmire (D, Pa.), Joe Barton (R, Texas), Robert Berry (D, Ariz.), Jeff Flake (R, Ariz.) and Jack Kingston (R, Ga.). Did they vote their conscience or expose their absurdity?

Will the “timid 29” and the “fearless five” continue to demonstrate their courage and capability in representing their constituents and serving the nation in Congress in this despicable manner?

God bless America!

Richard Doran


I would like to acknowledge Luis Polar, former editor of La Tribuna. Luis helped to create and sustain a needed resource in our communities. The newspaper was enjoyed by many readers, and provided unique coverage of complicated issues.

For those of us learning Spanish, La Tribuna provided interesting avenues to continue learning the language.

Additionally, Luis is an excellent role model for embracing intellectualism, bilingualism and multiculturalism. I applaud his many efforts, and hope to see Luis resurface with a similar mission and service to the community soon.

Rebecca Ruland

Glenwood Springs

The following is in response to Mr. Blankenship’s letter of Jan. 23.

Mr. Blankenship, I agree with your complaint about politicians who are attempting to save money by stealing money from the elderly and the poor. Regardless of political affiliation, they all represent the forces of the corporate welfare state, who keep them economically captive as they distract the public with attacks on “entitlements,” while looting the country for the rich. Nothing new here; vigilance and political action are the only defense. Democrats and Republicans had better learn to stand together against the creatures called corporations who have the same legal rights as human beings, lest we are totally devoured by their greed.

Now, as to the flag you have chosen to represent your issues. Unfortunately, that flag, regardless of your assertions to the contrary, has everything to do with race and history. It was, and is today, the sign of divisiveness in our country. The rebel battle flag is the lasting symbol of those who would divide our nation. They did it before, they would do it again. More importantly, it is the badge, identity symbol and calling card of racists everywhere in this country. I spent time in the South while serving in the military, and I am sure of my ground on this issue.

I would commend to you the Revolutionary War flag of the “Sons of Liberty.” These rebels, originally representing the nine original colonies, were the ones who held The Boston Tea Party and later formed the Stamp Act Congress in October 1775. Their banner was nine alternating horizontal stripes of red and white. Later this was to become thirteen stripes, as other colonies joined their efforts. We all know where this historical flag of protest is represented today.

What is important is that these patriots were protesting economic issues with the powers that be; in their case, the English crown. I hope you will agree with me this would be a far more appropriate symbol of your rebellion.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

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