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Also addressed: Dear Mr. Martin,

I’ve followed your actions as county commissioner for the past few years, and have never felt you represent what I stand for. Until now, however, I’ve never felt the need to write about it. Your recent resolution to silence opposing viewpoints within the County Commissioners is over the line.

The fact you would go through such a process and waste time, money, and energy to stifle opposing viewpoints is not only a misuse of power but also a direct violation of the principals which make this country great. It’s only through disagreement and debate we’ve come so far. It is only through intelligent discourse and sometimes passionate verbal disputes our founding fathers were able to construct such amazing documents as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Do you think those documents would’ve been as effective and utilitarian had they been the ideas of a single individual?

It took almost three years of debate for our founding fathers to get the constitution into effect, and another year for the amendments that make up the Bill of Rights to be ratified. The Bill of Rights, by the way, were those pesky amendments which had to be added to the Constitution because of the founding fathers who held an opposing viewpoint.

The fact you are so quick to dismiss the opposition, and in fact want to enact a resolution against voicing those ideas, short circuits the entire process, and frankly, gives you too much power. If the ideas brought up within the commission are good enough, thoughtful enough, and make enough sense, they will stand up to the challenge of the opposition. Without that opposition and verbal battling, however, there’s no chance for amending those ideas into a plan or “Bill” which is good for everyone.

In closing, Mr. Martin, I want to thank you for your service to our county even though I rarely agree with you. I will not ask you to shut up. I simply ask you extend the same courtesy to those who do not agree with you.

Michael Dunn

Glenwood Springs

Commissioner Tresi Houpt represents my opinion and at least the 8,928 residents who voted for her in 2006. I expect her to represent her constituents at the ancillary boards and committees she serves, as I would expect Commissioners John Martin and Mike Samson to represent theirs.

Martin’s resolution would require commissioners to present the “majority opinion” or else be removed. Do commissioners Martin and Samson have the right silence mine and the other 8,927 voices?

We trust all the commissioners to serve the citizens to best of their ability and conscience, but we can’t let the majority put their words into the mouth of the minority. Each commissioner has a charge from the voters that put them into office. Now let them do their work ” representation ” without the threat of being silenced.

Frank G. Martin

Glenwood Springs

As usual, the opinion offered by the Democrat voice of Dana Barker is totally in error. All Commissioner Martin wants is that when a commissioner is speaking as a commissioner, that person speaks representing the Garfield County Commissioners.

Tresi’s ego is showing when she says she has a constituency that isn’t being heard. Well then, Tresi, why don’t you speak as Tresi Houpt who happens to be a county commissioner, rather than as Garfield County Commissioner Tresi Houpt? There are obviously many people in this county who do not view you as speaking for them.

Commissioner Martin just wants to make sure when commissioners are in an official setting, they are speaking with a unified voice to the interests of Garfield County. This is the same reason why many governments, corporations, etc. have official spokesmen, so there is a unified voice on the topic.

Sharon Brenner


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