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Mr. Keleigh Hardie, excellent letter! (01/28/09) Precisely the issue, Bravo clarity!

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

I don’t know what Commissioner Martin has in his water, but he is certainly acting a little strange to me.

As a voter who supported Commissioner Houpt to represent my views which has been opposing the majority in some cases, I take objection and offense to Commissioner Martin’s resolution to stymie Commissioner Houpt’s representation of these views. The legality of enforcement of such a resolution can and will bring added cost of time and money to our county.

Again I don’t know what Commissioner Martin’s water has in it, but it sure smells like oil to me.

Just because the majority decides, does not mean the minority then rolls over and goes along.

I don’t think for one minute Commissioner Houpt or those who believe in our representative political rights are going to stand for it, either.

I don’t know very much about Commissioner Samson except that both he and Commissioner Martin won in a close election with the help of $50,000 in contributions from outside groups.

Let us not forget the infamous fake newspaper trying to look like the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, filled with misinformation about the Democratic candidates only days before the election. The emperor has no clothes and we can see clearly now.

Maybe with a recall election we can straighten this whole mess out, and like Commissioner Martin says, we can get everyone to play on the same page!

Jim Childers

New Castle

Life sure can be funny. For example, several New Jersey cities have embraced sanctuary policies regarding illegal immigration. They adhere to a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy, and hand out “locally legal” cards, which allow criminals to open bank accounts and access social services. How precious is that?

The funny part is, I can’t get a Colorado ID, and I’ve been a citizen for 48 years. I have an expired driver’s license, a real Social Security card, and my German birth naturalization certificates. My wife and three grown sons will swear I’m me. Heck, I send $50 to two courts in Garfield County every month, and they believe I’m Bruno.

But the DMV in Glenwood won’t give me an ID because my 48-year-old notarized naturalization certificate is a copy. After almost half a century, they’re not sure I’m a citizen.

So, I don’t have a legal ID card or a bank account or access to social services. In fact, recently my wife was denied critical medical treatment (at a local hospital) because her court-approved disability hasn’t kicked in yet, due to backlogs and red tape.

Illegal aliens are treated better than U.S. citizens. Like Sheriff Lou Vallario, who runs Garfield County like it was a suburb of Mexico City. Why not be honest, and call ourselves a safe haven destination for anyone who can sneak, slither or swim across our borders?

Yes, life can be funny, and the more we tolerate, the funnier it’ll get. Hey, Jose, is this a great country, or what?

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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