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I am still camped in siege of our City Council. But why do we not fight in this campaign season? Have I given up the cause to slow the needless and irresponsible development of Glenwood Springs?

There he stands on the hill. His armies stretch beyond the mountains and from where he came. His pockets are heavy and bulge with contributions from the establishment. We do not know him, but he may have come from the emperor himself to settle this score … this Bershenyi. Could he be the darling of developers, or just a mercenary of the establishment, stuffed with the near-worthless currency of our bankrupt republic?

The children in our camp cry in terror at his sight while they remember the tyranny of big government past. My allies, Irate Citizens Against Senseless Homelessness (ICASH) and Hispanics Organized for More Equality (HOME), have shook their heads in disgust and retired to their tents.

We know the emperor who has sent him is a materialist and a Godless person. His people are born to live and die in the marketplace. They worship a failing economy and bow to a system of control and exploitation of humankind for profit.

It is wrong to profit at the expense and suffering of other human beings.

His contractors, in a profit frenzy, would run our children down at double the speed limit if it paid well enough. The Republic’s standing armies would have us in chains and sleeping on frozen rocks if they thought it would help business and the bottom line. This empire of greed and dishonesty continues with its negligent and unsustainable economy while it fields candidates such as he.

We will let him pass, and he will become one of the quiet majority of councilmen who insist in maintaining this city in the same, old, unworkable way. He will then become the besieged; he will answer to us for ignoring the poor and for continuing the destruction of the middle class in Glenwood Springs.

Few can resist the temptation of senseless development and easy real estate profits. He cannot win.

David Blazier

Glenwood Springs

In reference to the recent story concerning Commissioner Martin’s attempts to eliminate public dissent among members of the commission, although I personally detest the Republican and Democrat parties because of their adherence to the basic principles of the fascist and socialist political movements, I do support their minions’ rights of free speech as set out in the Constitution.

What is next? Perhaps bringing the sheriff’s new assault vehicle into the courthouse square in order to eliminate any dissent to the decisions made by the Garfield County Board of Commissioners?

Garry Evenson


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