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The Annapolis conference has given Israel another chance to comply with International Law by ending its illegal occupation, and allowing for the creation of a Palestinian state. Despite Israel’s past agreements to withdraw its military and civilians from the West Bank, it’s neglected to take this critical step toward peace. The reason is simply Zionism.The World Zionist Organization states, “lands in Judea and Samaria ought to be seized right away, with the purpose of settling the areas … so as to reduce the danger of an Arab state being established. Being cut off by Jewish settlements, the minority population will find it difficult to form a territorial and political continuity.”After former Zionist terrorist Menachem Begin became Israel’s prime minister, he signed the Camp David Accords, agreeing to end the occupation, then proceeded to build dozens of new Israeli settlements, vowing never to trade land for peace. Yitzhak Shamir, twice Israel’s prime minister, declared, “The settlement of the land of Israel is the essence of Zionism.” Ariel Sharon proclaimed, “Everyone has to move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements, because everything we take now will stay ours, everything we don’t grab will go to them.”The Fourth Geneva Convention forbids an occupying power from transferring its civilian population into territories seized by military force. Currently there are 450,000 Jewish settlers living illegally in the West Bank. Official U.S. policy states Israeli settlements are an “obstacle to peace.” President GHW Bush threatened to withdraw monetary support unless Israel halted the building of a settlement near Jerusalem. Israel agreed, received the funds, then after Bush left office, continued building the settlement.Israeli settlements constitute 42 percent of the land designated for a future Palestinian state. If Israel continues its expansion, there will never be a Palestine. Under the “Land for Peace” formula, if Israel insists on keeping the land, they forfeit the peace.Israel is a well-established, powerful nation. The Jews have their homeland. The Palestinians are still waiting for their homeland, which has been denied them for more than 50 years. Sue GrayCarbondale

Please allow me to respectfully suggest: “We the People of the United States of America reaffirm that we are free individuals held together as a sovereign nation.”In order to solve some of our problems, we must be identified. One way to do this would be to allocate $1,000 per month to each citizen, from age 18 through life. No exemptions, no taxes, and no strings attached.Please consider. Our government gives out more than $1.5 trillion a year in free money. That’s an average of $11,450 a year per taxpayer. Only 12 percent of all government free money goes to the poor. Reference- 1-800-UNCLESAM.Money is power, and the power must be in the hands of the people. Checks would be sent to the bank of choice for each citizen, to assure proper identification. If a citizen would decide, at any time, to transfer a check to someone else, this would be tax-free. Checks could also be returned to our government to help pay our national debt.This system would give us a perpetual census of verified American citizens.Eloise IlgenCarbondale

I am researching family history, and seeking people who were students of my parents, Barbara and Gaylord Clark, who taught in Eagle County. My dad taught at Burns (Derby Mesa) from 1933-35, then the family moved elsewhere in Colorado until 1945, when we moved to Edwards. My mother taught the one-room, eighth-grade school at Wolcott from 1945 to about 1951 or ’52, then taught lower grades at Redcliff for several years, then first grade at Gilman until about 1970. Dad taught sixth grade at Minturn from about 1963 until about 1970.I would appreciate hearing from anyone who was a student of either Barbara or Gaylord Clark, and anything they remember about my parents. I can be reached at P.O. Box 667, Rifle 81650.Lou Clark LaymanRifleEditor’s note: We’re re-running this letter with contact information.

I am reading these letters correctly? Are the articles you write in your paper true? There are actually Mormons who are not Christians that are raising pit bull dogs that attack illegal immigrants who use too much energy to light their Christmas decorations. And all along, it was beavers with gas, causing the bubbles in ponds near Divide Creek? The Jews are taking over the world, while the air we breathe is bad, and the county commissioners are too busy to save historical landmarks in Garfield County. God Bless us everyone, I for one will be doing a whole lot more praying this coming holiday season.Lori BennettSilt

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