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The Energy Expo in Grand Junction this weekend would have been better if it was not dominated so much by the gas industry. This is a gathering of some of the most polluting companies in the world.

Did we trust these companies to drill in our backyards? Unfortunately, yes. Colorado has allowed these companies to come in and extract natural gas from private and public lands. They promised to be good neighbors and drill responsibly.

As it turns out, these companies have not been responsible in their drilling practices. Severe health concerns and pollution problems exist in many areas on the Western Slope as a result of bad drilling practices. That is why rules and regulations are needed. We need to protect the land we live on and the water we drink.

Energy jobs are not disappearing due to the proposed rules and regulations that are now being considered by the Colorado Legislature. The gas companies are pulling out to go drill in new areas such as the Dakotas and other places where their practices will go unchallenged at least for a while. So, do not depend on the gas companies and the oil shale companies for stable employment. They are here today, gone tomorrow.

Look for green jobs. That is where the future is. Help save your health, your life, and your land.

Tell your legislative representative to support the rules and regulations for the gas industry today.

Randy Fricke, interim president

The Grand Valley Citizens Alliance

Colorado’s Western Slope

New Castle

This is regarding the article concerning illegal alien Jose Mendoza Turbin and the efforts of liberal groups and individuals to allow him to stay in this country. Sadly, due to their efforts he will probably be allowed to stay here in violation of our laws.

I would suggest a possible solution. Since legal immigrants are required to have an American citizen sponsor them to ensure they do not become a burden on the taxpayers, why don’t these groups and individuals form an organization to sponsor Jose? They could donate the necessary funds to the organization to pay for his medical and school expenses, and since he is not eligible to work, they could donate enough money to see he has a living wage. They should also donate enough funds to pay back the taxpayers for all services he has illegally received in the past.

This would allow these liberals to use their own funds to satisfy to their need for compassion for this lawbreaker, and relieve the taxpayers of the burden of having to provide him with the services he is not entitled to as a noncitizen of this country in the future.

Garry Evenson


Mesa County Commissioners Craig Meis and Janet Rowland hosted a press conference last week demonstrating that good government is possible. Unlike the federal government, Mesa County foresaw the current downturn and chose to govern accordingly. The commissioners have made budget changes and took measures to insulate the county during the downturn.

The press conference also reminded me just how important the energy industry sector is to our jobs and economy. And this is why the uncertainty created by Bill Ritter’s new drilling regulations frustrate me. The limits on drilling are coming at the worst possible time, and are making a bad economic situation even worse. In fact, even the Wall Street Journal now says Colorado has the most restrictive drilling regulations in our country. It appears there are some elected officials, like Meis and Rowland, who govern with common sense and foresight.

I wish the folks at the state capital had the same approach and vision.

Brandon Childress

Grand Junction

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