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It’s time for Americans to take a history lesson on where we came from and where we are headed. Our framers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence came to this country for a better way of life for them and future generations. And for the past 200-plus years or so, it has worked fine with some ups and downs along the way.

The Constitution was written under conservative values. Capitalism was also a basis of our freedom, so why in God’s green earth do the liberals want to ruin what makes this country so great? They like big government, but all that does is interfere with daily life. This is why they left England, to get away from government rule.

If it wasn’t for the Democrats, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now. The Bush administration tried to regulate Fanny and Freddie, but the Democrats ran them both, and said there was nothing wrong, and look at the mess we are in now.

So now we have Obama, who said there are no earmarks in the stimulus bill, a bald-faced lie. A lot of earmarks, and they are running another bill full of earmarks through Congress right now.

When are you Kool-Aid drinkers going to wake up and realize this Obama character is working on tearing down conservatism, capitalism and the way of life you know and love? Why is it liberals think their way is better, when time and time again it’s proven their way doesn’t work, and just causes more grief for everyone else?

It’s time for people to read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and their state Constitution. Nowhere in any of those documents does the word Democracy come up, but the word Republic is in all of them. So I ask you to look up the meaning of those two words. Wake up, people, before the American way of life slips away and you will never get it back. Socialism is sneaking up quickly.

Curt Hanson


The Garfield County DHS Childcare Program would like to thank those individuals listed who generously gave their time and enthusiasm to Read to Me Day which occurred on Tuesday, Feb. 10. On this day, volunteers from the community agree to visit licensed family child-care homes and centers in Glenwood Springs. During these visits they share their occupations and read books that will be donated to the children’s programs.

The goals of the day are to promote the importance of early literacy and to connect members of our community with our child-care programs.

Many thanks go to Betsy Bowie ” Nurse Family Partnership, Family Visitor Programs; Georgia Chamberlain ” county treasurer; Vanessa Lujan ” office of the county treasurer; Tresi Houpt ” county commissioner; Mike Goscha ” cowboy; Matt Jeness ” Garfield County Sheriff’s Office; Amy Chappelle ” Garfield County Sheriff’s Office ” animal control; Andrea Duplesys, Amber Johnson, Nida Salvidrez and Brian McGill ” Pediatric Partners; Carol Buick ” acute care nurse; Silbi Stainton ” mother, community volunteer; Cynthia Thomas ” artist; Mary Lou Street- bookkeeper; Steve DeCampo- Roaring Fork Anglers; Bob Johnson ” Vicki Lee Green Realty; April Paine ” Yampa Teen Parent Program and Amelia Dress ” child care consultant.

Our thanks as well to all the programs who welcomed the volunteers into their homes and centers.

Donna Ward

The Garfield County DHS Childcare Program

Bruno, it was cold out there in the wood shed the last day of February, but then I used my get-out-of-the-woodshed card to warm up.

The card? Local law enforcement has its hands tied when it comes to illegal aliens and what can be done with them. The sheriff has done the best that can be done with our resident aliens when you consider the restrictions under which he is working. The feds should let local people like Lou and his crew handle local problems. We know that isn’t going to happen under the current regime, don’t we? After all, it didn’t happen under the last one.

As to “Lou’s private” (I assume you meant private life, Bruno), I’m sure no impropriety happened when Lou was sitting in the seat in the Oval Office reserved for the leader of what we can still consider the best country in the universe. That would be former President Clinton. It also wasn’t, in Clinton’s case, allegations of misconduct as in Lou’s case. It was true, and Clinton lied to the highest tribunal in our legal system. He was caught in it. Don’t know what card Clinton used to get out of the wood shed, do you?

I will quote what someone said to me once (or maybe more than once since it was my mother): “Judge not that ye be not judged.” She pointed out I was judging situations when I didn’t have all the facts or probably had a bias.

Want to do a little introspection, Bruno?

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

He is supposed to be a great asset to our community. Jose has impressed his instructors and friends at school, but not me. When Jose gets his degree, which we paid for, he is going to have to send money home to help support his family in El Salvador.

Jose is afraid to go home to his gang-infested town. It’s been reported that his country’s gang is in 42 states of our country. So Jose has no excuse why he is in this country and not his own country. Here he is illegal and has many other options.

Send him home.

Scott Aseltine

Glenwood Springs

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