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My name is Mike Samson, and I am a candidate for District 3 Garfield County Commissioner. The purpose of this letter is to better inform the electorate concerning the upcoming precinct caucuses to be held at various locations throughout the county on Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 7 p.m.

Just what is a precinct caucus? The precinct caucus is the first real grassroots level of politics and the first step in choosing political candidates. It is also a great way for you as an individual to be heard on the issues that concern you. This year Colorado as well as many other states moved up their caucuses and have added a preferential poll for U.S. President.

Garfield County is divided into 27 precincts. Each of these precincts should have a Republican and a Democratic Party caucus ” a meeting held in someone’s home, public building, church basement, recreation center or some other suitable place. To participate in this year’s caucus you must have been registered by Dec. 5, 2007, in the actual political party of your choice. Those not affiliated with a political party or not registered can attend as observers but they cannot actually participate.

At this caucus, you may hear candidates speak, listen to letters read from candidates, or hear others who will speak representing their candidate. You may vote on resolutions about your party’s platform. You could offer a resolution yourself. And perhaps the most important part, you will be electing delegates from your own precinct caucus to attend your party’s county assembly, which will in turn elect delegates to the state level, which elect to the national level.

Obviously, I would encourage anyone who is supporting me to attend their precinct caucus and/or elect delegates who would support me at the county assembly. Regardless, I encourage all citizens no matter what your political party to be part of your precinct caucus and let your voice be heard. I, as many of you are, am extremely proud and honored to be a citizen of the United States of America and to have the freedoms and rights we enjoy. By attending our precinct caucus’s we can help make sure our republic will continue. Contact the County Clerk’s Office for the specific location of your precinct caucus.

Mike Samson

Republican Candidate for District 3 County Commissioner

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