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The hard work of our downvalley friends in the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance and The Western Colorado Congress is coming to fruition in the possible passage of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regulations. This, after many hearings and exhaustive testimony.

The Rule review bill is the beginning of the end of a process started by neighbors affected by the profit-hungry oil and gas companies’ invasion of our quiet rural Grand Valley. The helter-skelter, go-go early days of the invasion left in its wake sickness, fouled wells, reduced property values, dangerous roads, dust, ozone, chemical pits, political manipulation (fake newspapers), divorce and a generally totally changed quality of life. Many of the original members of this valiant group have moved away to maintain their sanity and health.

We can now help their effort. Please write your Colorado House and Senate representatives, and let them know you care about clean air and water, wildlife and a sustainable future for our valley. Encourage them to support the rules as written.

We are hearing from the oil and gas industry the regulations are causing a reduction in drilling and jobs. This comes under the heading of “Never let a Good Crisis go to Waste” category. The slowdown is in the economy, resulting in low gas prices and reduced capital for drilling. This in addition to the fact that the pipeline is unfinished which will get Colorado gas to the larger and higher-paying eastern markets. The industry is using this crisis to claim the rules are the cause of it all. These are the unpassed rules.

The oil and gas industry will push hard, and we need to push back. Let your legislators know the Western Slope has learned from our previous booms and busts. We look for sustainable economies of hunting, fishing, tourism, agriculture small manufacturing, for a stable population of workers and families; and want control on the fast money and impermanence of gas development. The rules are a step in the right direction.

We need to recruit you! Please take time to help.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs City Council will be reviewing and taking comment on Glenwood’s proposed Climate Action Plan at the city council meeting, 7 p.m. Thursday, March 5. The Glenwood Springs Energy Committee, which wrote the plan, is advocating adoption of a specific set of energy reduction targets (outlined in the plan, and available online at>Environmental Programs).

Glenwood has taken a number of important and exciting first steps toward reducing our carbon footprint (and city energy bills), and council and city staff are to be commended for their commitment. Citizen interest and support for adoption of this proposed set of targets, as well as for further action, are needed at this meeting. Please read the plan and voice your concerns, creative ideas, and/or support this Thursday evening.

Our profligate overuse of energy is at the core of the economic crisis, and here is a chance to be part of the solution.

Ann Hopkinson

Glenwood Springs Energy Efficiency Committee

I write this to respond to letters written by Garry Evenson and John Korrie.

Gentlemen, you have raised some valid concerns and questions, and frankly, I have shared some of the same concerns regarding immigration. This is exactly the reason why I am supporting Jose. He represents the antithesis of all the concerns you mentioned. Allow me to explain the best I can without violating his privacy.

Jose is here legally, and has been for four years. If Jose is allowed to stay here, it will be only with permission under the law. The person with whom he lives has been in the valley for many years and has paid all taxes as required by law. All Jose’s college expenses have been, and will be fully paid by individuals who support him. Rick Hilleary and Elizabeth Meador, Ph.D., explained the law about public education well. As an educator, I believe a society is the sum of its minds; therefore education can only be to our benefit.

Jose could have simply “melted into the crowd.” Instead, because he wants to continue to be here legally, he has taken every legal step available to him to accomplish that goal. His integrity will allow nothing less.

I have considered myself to be a conservative, but now I see choosing sides to be part of the problem. I suggest we all leave the labeling behind and look for humane solutions to our immigrant problem.

And as far as Jose is concerned, I know his potential to benefit this community far outweighs any investment we have made.

Ginny Badger

Glenwood Springs

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