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It’s fascinating to watch die-hard Bush haters continue to pound that poor dead horse into the ground. They couldn’t live with him, and now they can’t seem to live without him.

The latest tirade by our gracious neighbor in New Castle blatantly accuses the former president of nefarious crimes (i.e., “violations of the Geneva Convention”). He meticulously catalogs all the alleged “war crimes” committed against those noble freedom fighters of al-Qaida and the Taliban (who routinely murder and behead their captives without mercy, including several of a peaceful group of South Korean young people, on a Christian medical mission to Afghanistan).

An admirable job of research conducted by Mr. Boyle. There’s only one small problem. The terrorists of the groups mentioned do not qualify as prisoners under the Geneva Convention, wearing no uniform and claiming allegiance to no country.

Sorry to shoot down his carefully constructed sentence against that dastardly George W. Bush, but there you go. Even so, I doubt it will do much to cure his terminal case of “Bush Derangement Syndrome,” a particularly dreadful, chronic condition for those afflicted with it.

And, judging from Obama the Rock Star’s first dismal month in office, I suspect we on the right will need to guard ourselves from “Obama Derangement Syndrome” in four years. But at least we will have good reason for our affliction then. (Hint: Obama will be a one-term Secretary General, and true conservatism and a return to traditional, Christian principles will rise again. Watch and see.)

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

In response to Rick Hilleary’s letter, I first want to say I would call Rick a friend. I think it is unfortunate and surprising Rick felt he had to stoop to making insults in order to get his point across. But I do want to thank the people who called me and stopped me on the street to say they agree, and sorry that guy bad-mouthed you in the paper.

And to Rick, yes, I do know the law is illegal immigrants’ kids who are born here are citizens. One of the worst laws this country has. That is just a backdoor way for illegal immigrants to get to stay in our country. What I did not know is the law prohibits schools from asking people’s immigration status. And my figure of 45 percent Spanish-speaking kids, in our elementary schools, is what I remember being said in the paper a few years ago when Carbondale had a big influx of Hispanics. I never said they were all illegal, as Hilleary claims. And if the schools are not allowed to ask a person’s immigration status, how would this principal Hilleary talks about come up with the 5-percent figure? If we are in a “No Ask, No Tell” policy, how could anyone know?

And to call my letter “Badgering to local education professionals” is ridiculous. I did not go to the school and start harassing the educators about my feelings, that would be badgering. I simply used my freedom of speech and expressed my feelings. I can live without Hilleary’s approval, it is just too bad he could not just speak his feelings.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

Recently I joined forces with two other pianists to present a recital at the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. We had an overflow crowd thanks to the efforts of Kelley Cox and Kay Vasilakis. Numerous people commented upon Kelley’s “One-Woman Duet” picture that appeared in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. Others commented they had been alerted to the concert because of Kay’s notices in the paper.

Let’s face it, Kelley can photograph a doorknob and make it both artistic and interesting. Kay is a veteran writer and knows how to “pique” anybody’s interest.

I know that these are tough times for newspapers, so perhaps this is the perfect time to tell you how much this community appreciates Kelley and Kay as part of your staff. They have been exercising their considerable talents for us ‘lo these many years, and we sincerely value their professional ways of keeping us informed.

Linda Jenks, doctor of musical arts


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