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This is a letter to Mr. Rachesky. Just read your letter in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. When George Bush was borrowing billions of dollars from China, I didn’t see a letter from you saying he was wrong spending money with nothing to show for it and a war (two of them) he could not win. Did you think he was right, are you with Rush Limbaugh wishing the president to fail? If so, I pity you.

President Obama cannot undo in a month what Bush did in eight years, but some are not willing to give him a chance to improve the government. The Democrats cannot do everything, and the Republicans are going to fight the president every step of the way.

I can smile because I wish President Obama success in four years. Gloom and doom gets you nowhere. Hope springs eternal, here is wishing there could be bipartisanship in the House and Senate.

Give the people who are desperate a little hope. I have a house, and, Mr. Rachesky, I bet you do, too. Do you have any sympathy for someone worse off than you? I feel sorry for them.

I wish everyone was as thankful and as happy as I am.

Mildred Baumli


After reading so many letters I’m getting tired of hearing the comments on the illegal immigrants. People state how they commit crimes, but isn’t that so in any race? As for using the system, I’ve seen a variety of races at the Human Services Office waiting for help.

I agree they should try to get here legally and those here already should get their citizenship.

As far as that goes, where did your ancestors come from? There were only Native Americans here until the white men did away with them.

Another good question: Where would you get your veggies and fruits if they weren’t picked by immigrants? Certainly not many Anglos would do hard, back-breaking work in the hot sun for 10 hours a day.

I was once told by a neighbor boy, “I wouldn’t dirty my hands for less than $20 an hour,” and that was 16 years ago. Illegal immigrants will!

Oh, yes. My great-grandmother was a full-blooded Apache.

Laura Cruz


Re: letter “Conservatism versus Liberalism” of March 4

The writers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were the liberals of their era. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others like them, represented anything but conservative values. They were the rebels and revolutionaries of their time, the liberals of their day. Remember, it was the “Revolutionary” War! Starting out as a small group, these men were often criticized for their liberal views by the establishment, the real conservatives of the era who favored the monarchy, i.e., the status quo of the British landed gentry, the powerful. Sound familiar?

We have no titled or landed gentry, thanks to the liberal thinkers of that day, but we still have those who value property and objects over social values. The so-called conservative values of the Constitution were really revolutionary liberal values, and remain so today. It seems every time we are reminded of their “promise,” conservatives of whatever period harken back to the past. Our most recent past, eight years of conservative control, brought about the voting revolution of November 2008.

Ironically, Jefferson, Madison and Franklin were of the colonial landed gentry, but, nevertheless, strongly influenced by the writings and thinking of John Locke and Thomas Paine, men who promoted the rights of men over the conservative values of property and wealth. The ups and downs along the way were meant to be part of the liberal thinking of the founders. Out of this evolved a two-party system, the prohibition of state religion and the Bill of Rights.

Thomas Paine, whose many writings acted as catalyst for the colonial-liberal thinkers and statesmen, was eventually jailed for his seditionist (according to the conservatives of the era) views; views that were influential in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution. Our Constitution has been the model for establishing liberal/ constitutional governments all over the world and in that context, the model for liberal thinkers all over the world, enabling them to free themselves from local conservative control and work toward achieving a better life, for all.

Gary J. Hershoren

Glenwood Springs

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