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Thanks to the Rifle Police Department, the Rifle Fire Department and hazardous response crews, the major tanker spill of the highly toxic gas drilling liquids remains a minor disaster so far. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other government agencies will continue their investigation and cleanup of this major spill. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the state Health Department will need a highly concentrated investigation of this accident.

So who pays for these disasters caused by the gas drilling companies? How many taxpayer dollars will be spent on this accident? Let’s get a dollar figure from local and state officials. Will there be a monetary fine placed on the trucking company from the COGCC? How long will this take?

Health officials need to follow up with area residents on any adverse health problems caused by the spill. This is another example of reckless behavior by gas drilling companies in our area.

This is one good example of the tremendous lack of control gas drilling companies have over their trucking contractors. Major traffic problems caused by gas-drilling activity continue in areas in and around Parachute, Rifle and other surrounding areas. Very little has been done by the gas drilling companies to correct this major problem.

According to citizen complaints voiced at the Garfield County Energy Advisory Board meeting last night in Rifle, it is typical policy for the gas drilling companies to ignore complaints about road noise, dust problems and drilling odors. This is why we need rules and regulations for the gas drilling industry in Colorado. The rules and regulations will be just a start in correcting problems that have been ignored for years. If these rules are not passed, the gas companies will continue to ravage and plunder our beautiful state at any cost.

Randy Fricke, interim president

Grand Valley Citizens Alliance

New Castle

I do not know if you have any pull with how your paper works or runs, but I hope you do. I have lived out here for 16 years and I read the Glenwood Springs Post Independent every day, even when it did cost me to buy it.

As I was reading the paper this morning, I read how there is another cutback in the paper, and this time it was the TV section. First it was the comics (which is the most important part of the paper) that were cut. I understand having to have a budget. Everyone in this world has to have a budget, and it’s not just now because of the economic issues at hand, but because of life.

So why does the Glenwood Springs Post Independent not go back to charging to buy the paper? Twenty-five cents a paper. We did it years ago, why not now? Then maybe the Post Independent will not have to do so many cutbacks.

Life is a circle. We all need to be part of it to make it work. And if one person stops the circle, we all fall off.

Alane Larison


The staff and management of The Pour House want to thank all of our friends and neighbors for your ongoing support and patronage. These are hard times for us all in the face of so much uncertainty. Jobs are scarce, and the immediate future is a bit bleak, to say the least. We at The Pour House are feeling it just like everyone else. However, we are committed to continue to serve the finest quality food our talented staff is capable of producing.

Recent additions to our kitchen staff are yielding very satisfying results. Michael Dainty and Denah Knight, both highly skilled chefs, are anxious to show off their talents for our patrons.

Along with the rest of our staff, I want to thank you all for thinking of us when you decide to go out for a bite to eat and a chance to meet your friends for a bit of mutual support during these tough times.

Skip Bell, manager

The Pour House

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