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In the Voices column of Saturday, March 7th, Ms. Coddington declares Mission Accomplished for the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance and the Western Colorado Congress. I’m not sure if she is declaring a victory for herself or as a spokesperson for the organizations. It is presumptuous for Ms.. Coddington or these organizations to take all the credit (or is it blame?), since they had the help of the Salazars, Udalls and the Obama Administration plus the eco-extremists.

A lot of good workers from all over the USA and Canada came here, many with their families. They bought and rented homes, spent money at the various commercial establishments both here in the local area and all the way from Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction, Parachute to Craig. A lot of them have now moved with their companies to work in an area of certainty they will be able to operate under fixed and reasonable regulations.

We don’t have a Black Sunday going on here in the Battlement Mesa/Parachute area. With the number of companies cutting back and the number of people moving away, it could be a “Midi-Black Sunday.” Unfortunately, it won’t be just the local, unwilling to compromise, organizations and aforementioned national figures who will suffer higher taxes and lost income. It will be all taxpayers in the active gas exploration area.

OK, grant Ms. Coddington’s Mission Accomplished. What is next for her organizations? How about those animals tromping around the fields and eating grass and hay and expelling smelly gasses, or those hunters who come in from outside the area and drive up and down the roads killing our wildlife?

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Don’t miss this one

The live stage offerings at the CMC theater just keep getting better and better. Wendy Moore has directed one of the finest plays you will ever see, The Cripple of Inishmaan. It will be presented three more times this week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The acting is superb. The staging is unique and effective. The students in the cast are outstanding as are the seasoned actors. You will laugh and maybe even shed a tear. You will be surprised and impressed. Don’t miss this one.

Patricia and Jitter Nolen

Glenwood Springs

I dream of a day when we will have religious, racial and gender equality. It is a day when morality isn’t some litmus test we use to judge others, but it is a way we treat others. It will perhaps be know as the “Golden Age,” when the Golden Rule is unilaterally applied, no exceptions.

I dream of a day when government represents the people in a trustworthy way; and the people honor the government and do not wish for its failure; a place where more money is spent on education and health care, on renewable energies which do not deplete our world, or cause other health and ecological problems, and where money is spent on peace and not war.

I dream of a time when human need is valued over human greed; when the greatest of us are not the celebrities or wealthy who flaunt their lifestyles, but the ones who do the most good; our elders, who have lived and learned and have so much insight and experience to share, the teachers and healers who we have trusted so much of our lives to, and the many others who practice doing good, living with integrity, honesty and compassion.

I dream of a day when we understand the true value of this earth and all of its inhabitants. It is a day of “awakening,” when we look through eyes of love, not condemnation; it is a day when we see what good we can do, not how much money we make. It is a day when we value taking care of our family, knowing our family is the family of man.

I dream, and I dream some more.

Rick Davis

Glenwood Springs

I did glean one important fact from Mr. Ceremuga’s letters during our recent, otherwise fruitless exchange. Fortunately, I did not share the same instruction in English, ethics, civics and civility as Mr. Ceremuga and George W. Bush did. For that, I shall be eternally grateful.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

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