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We are sad to learn of the passing of Karolyn Spencer, the “little lady with the big heart.” She has been a wonderful example for all us by her care for the homeless and those who were in need or “down on their luck.”

May all of us continue her legacy of caring for the homeless and those who need assistance. We are grateful for having known “the little lady with the big heart.” It has been a privilege to learn from her the real meaning of charity. We will miss her, but never forget her.

We also wish to express our appreciation to those who have contributed in the past to her charitable efforts, and hope you will remember her causes in the future.

Jim and Ramona Markalunas


I think the Greeley business lady had or has a scheme going. She was caught with pulling Social Security numbers out of the air. That is called legal?

Identity fraud is against the law. Should she not be shut down and persecuted? You bet.

Those illegals need to be deported as well, unless they apply for a legal Social Security number.

I wonder how much money she has made off the people she says she was trying to help by making them pay taxes. This is why the E-Verify system is important.

Fraud is fraud.

Jane Spaulding


At the risk of seeming out-of-touch with fear in this valley, I googled “trouble in Mexico,” and just as I suspected, others have come up with the same conclusions as me.

“What is wrong with those people?” should be directed back to “What is wrong with us?” If you blame all Mexicans for the trouble on the border and in their country, you are misinformed. The bustling drug trade here in the United States for cocaine, heroine, crystal meth, and marijuana is driving the thirst for blood and retaliation, kidnappings, and control of land routes and buyers in the states.

As we all are aware, there are two kinds of snow available in Aspen and other areas within this valley; much of it from Mexico. In addition, guns bought in Arizona and Texas are bound for the Mexican-U.S. border.

In an El Paso home raided in December, AK-47 assault rifles, military bayonets, body armor, Russian ammunition, M-16 ammunition, armor piercing ammunition were confiscated (The Kansas City Star).

While people in homes and bars are blissfully snorting whatever, children bought over the border are being forced to swallow pellets of cocaine which, if faulty, will kill them.

If we brick and board up the border, corrupt officials will just open a hidden corridor to fuel the business of drugs.

In my opinion, those taking drugs are as guilty of the beheadings, kidnappings, and mutilations as those performing them … shocking as that may seem. They should bear the shame, the blame and the guilt of what is happening.

In addition, failed states do not have functioning governments or the world’s 12th-largest economy (The Miami Herald).

I say this today as I saute my asparagus and eat my strawberries grown in Mexico.

The U.S. has lost so much land due to speculative development (inviting Mexican workers), that much of our food is grown in Mexico. Think of how much land has been lost between here and Aspen.

I think we do not want to disparage the very people whom are tending to our stomachs.

Alice Gustafson

Glenwood Springs

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