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The more I have thought about the Glenwood Springs City Council going ahead with the planning of the “First Phase” of the Midland Avenue project, I start thinking along the same lines as Mr. Myers and Mr. Rosenberg. Why on earth wouldn’t we put that much money to better use for the greater good of the whole community, and invest it in our police department? We have seen and heard that our police force is understaffed and overworked, and yet we have several million dollars to spend on another study of Midland Avenue.

Excuse me, but exactly how many studies do we need of Midland Avenue? How much money have we already spent on Midland Avenue that we have basically thrown down the toilet? Please, let’s not throw good money after bad and start over with a plan that may or may not work. If we have that much money sitting in the bank, put it to good use for the good of the entire community.

At the next city council meeting, is there a way for an accounting to be passed out to those in attendance of all the dollars that have been spent thus far in the past for the multiple studies and other traffic-calming devices on Midland Avenue? I, for one, would love to have one.

Thank you for considering our police department in your next planning meeting.

Michelle Ballinger

Glenwood Springs

I urge you to help pass HR 676. I can not understand how we, the USA, can not have universal health care. It works in Canada, it works in England, it works in France, it works in Cuba, etc. Why, in a country such as ours, can we not take care of our poor and sick?

It seems clear to me it is about money. The insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies have it, and the government loves corporations, much more than individual people.

It makes my stomach turn to see how we treat people who can not afford health care, literally throwing them out on the streets. How can we be so cruel?

If it were set up correctly (we can take a look at many other countries for guidance in that realm), patients would be cared for, doctors would earn enough and be happy to get people well and all would be the better for it. Most people would be happy to pay the taxes associated with universal health care, knowing that when the day comes that they need help, they know they will get it.

Please support universal health care. Please, let’s take care of our own people.

Dr. Hilary Back


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