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The expression “dumbing down of America” has been around for many years ” in olden days referred to as “anti-intellectualism” and “anti-rationalism.”

Lately, it’s directed at the demise of our government school system, where excessive funding simply produces plunging test scores and soaring drop-out rates. Failure of public education is a proven fact.

But consider the multitude of other examples of dumbing down, which clearly illustrate there’s an epidemic in our society, not just a scholastic problem.

Ask some TV viewers who obsessively watch The Simpsons, Jerry Springer, Oprah and American Idol who their congressional representatives are. You’ll likely get a “Duh” reply.

Speaking of Congress, consider recent decisions by the likes of Barney Frank, Ralph Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al causing the mortgage collapse and destruction of our economy. If dumbed-down people are representing us, how did they get elected?

Don’t all segments of the American public share guilt, including the very wealthy? Otherwise, how could the Prince of Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, bilk an estimated $65 billion from more than 4,800 big spenders, starting in the early 1980s? Bernie can’t be that bright either, thinking he could get away with it.

Perhaps the most destructive dumb-down was the election by the American people of Barack Hussein Obama as President of the formerly United States of America.

It hasn’t taken long for him to demonstrate he’s had no management experience, has poor judgment in making appointments, can’t speak without teleprompters, and has no intention of keeping his glowing campaign promises. After pledging “no earmarks,” he just signed the $410 billion bill, containing $5.5 billion in pet projects.

How could the American public be so hoodwinked? How could we elect an inexperienced, unqualified, incompetent, untrustworthy snake oil salesman, who along with his congressional cronies already has our country well on the way to socialism?

Could this be the ultimate effect of the dumbing-down phenomenon?

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


In his March 14 letter, Mr. Blankenship attacks Ms. Coddington for proclaiming victory on the passing of the legislative version of the new regulations for the gas industry. First, Mr. Blankenship, go back and re-read her letter. You’ve totally missed the point her letter makes. She was asking us to support the passage of these rules without any changes. Also, you are contradicting yourself in your letter. You say the gas workers have now moved to places with “fixed and reasonable regulations.” Aren’t the new rules here “fixed and reasonable” to protect your health and the historic wealth of the county? People from all over the world come here for scenery, hunting and fishing opportunities, or other recreational purposes and spend lots of money. These and other diverse industries are not on Ms. Coddington’s list to supposedly get rid of, nor is she advocating the gas industry goes away completely. It should, instead, be a part of our diverse Western Slope economy which needs to be immune from any kind of “Black Sunday.”

Here’s the real reason all the rigs have moved on. Natural gas is now around four dollars per thousand cubic feet, down from a double-digit high last year. The price is set at the Henry Hub in Texas. The gas industry won’t tell you that. Therefore, because of our geology and current lack of pipeline carrying capacity to market, it becomes more expensive to drill and sell the gas from here, whereas other new gas fields are less expensive.

We must have natural gas as a part of our new energy strategy, for our national security and many other good reasons. We can’t have irresponsible companies who pollute. That’s what “fixed and reasonable” rules are for. Plus, the gas industry will be back, because natural gas is a commodity and the price rises and falls just like any market.

However, I’d also like to ensure our other historic revenue streams of all types of Colorado industries and tourism are intact as well. The new regulations are designed to allow us to do just that.

Gay Moore

Glenwood Springs

The After Prom Extravaganza (APE) needs you! The After Prom Extravaganza is right around the corner. APE is an event the National Task Force against Drug and Alcohol Abuse began in an effort to keep kids away from alcohol, and off the roads on prom night.

The Glenwood Community has a long-standing tradition of hosting APE. The event is April 11th at the high school. The success of APE depends on community support.

The three-hour party costs about $25 per kid, or approximately $8,000. Cash donations as well as gift certificates, vouchers and donated food or drinks are all needed. We also are in need of the following prizes to give away in the final hour of the event to encourage kids to remain at APE for the duration of the event: a laptop computer, X-box, I-touch phone, boys cruiser bike, unisex mountain bike, Playstation and point-and-shoot camera. If you are interested in donating any of these prizes, please contact us at 274-4298. Cash donations can be made out to APE/GSHS and sent to the high school at 1521 Grand Ave. With your help, we can keep the kids of Glenwood safe and sober on prom night 2009. Thank you in advance for your support.

Mary Rippy and Lisa Sobke, APE co-chairs

Glenwood Springs

Let’s have a nice round of applause for one of New Castle’s finest. I have been giving a lot of thought to maybe changing my career path to becoming an officer of the law. I can give unnecessary parking tickets all day.

Recently, my fiance had the pleasure of experiencing one of these “costly” and “unnecessary” parking tickets. In our complex, everyone is assigned a parking spot. There is one handicapped parking spot right in front of the access to our building. My fiance backed his truck up to the door to unload a big piece of furniture and had to park, temporarily in this spot. (We have, to our knowledge, no one in the building that needs to use this spot). As he was waiting for my brother to assist in carrying this large piece up three flights of stairs (no elevator) an officer approached him and proceeded to write him an $87-dollar ticket, not even taking in to consideration my fiances explanation for why he was in this parking spot temporarily. What ever happened to warnings? I think that would have been appropriate as to why he was parked there. This officer did not want anything to do with his explanation, and she even stated my fiance was threatening her. What a joke! She proceeded to call for back-up, which goes to show you she can not handle her job as an officer of the law (ticket writer).

Guess if I ever need to move, I’m out of luck because I can’t park a U-Haul in front to make things easier.

Hopefully, this will encourage an officer of the law to put the ticket book down and take care of real crime happening right under their noses.

By the way, watch out for all the dog poop on the lawn someone doesn’t pick up, or I can show you the dog(s) and you can write them a ticket, too.

Have a nice day!

Janaye Anderson

New Castle

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