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There are four points all Americans should think about to continue to keep our country great. 1. Respect of the constitution; 2. Respect for life; 3. Less government; and 4. More individual responsibility. The Democratic Party is currently attempting to undermine every point.Ninety-eight percent of stimulus money coming to Colorado is being dispersed in the Denver area. Only Durango will share in some of the dollars of this insane fiscal policy. The Roaring Fork Valley gets no jobs nothing, nada!Those of you who voted for Hope & Change voted for doubling the capital gains tax on stock and real estate, increasing FICA taxes by 14 points, doubling taxes on dividends, expanding the inheritance tax, weakening the Patriot Act, curbing anti-terror wiretapping, extending health insurance to illegal immigrants, offering in-state tuition to illegals, allowing more migrants in our country, expanding health care to the point it forces us to ration medical care to the elderly, and expanding the welfare state resulting in dividing America between taxpayers and tax consumers. It’s not sustainable. Eighteen Gitmo inmates released by Obama have already resumed terrorist activity to kill Americans.Obama made 514 campaign promises and so far has fulfilled only 17. The Obamas gave only 6.1 percent of their salary to charity, as opposed to George W. Bush’s 10 percent and Dick Chaney’s 77 percent. Joe Biden gave a miserly 0.31 percent. I guess spreading the wealth means other peoples money. Socialists never give their fair share to help others.Those who are still ga-ga-eyed by the messiah’s charisma will come to understand Obama is basically an intellectually deceiving, dishonest person. He is pushing to overturn our constitutional government and make the U.S. a soviet-style state. Read up on his background and mentors, he is a radical communist. The President of the U.S.A. is a temporary steward of this country. He should not be planning to remake or redefine the Constitution. Its not his right. What’s really scary is our country has never before been under assault from within.Stan Rachesky Glenwood Springs

Bikers, I love the Rio Grande Trail which now goes through Glenwood. My family couldnt wait to jump on it last Memorial Day weekend. Almost a year later, I am compelled to write and beg riders to remember it is a shared trail. Here is a little about our experience. My 3-year-old, 31-pound daughter got off her bike and crossed the trail to talk to her friend. Two bikers were coming quickly. We yelled for the bikers to slow down as we were telling our 3-year old to, Freeze, dont move! She watched the first biker zoom by and stepped out in front of the second biker, not knowing she was coming. Her arm was caught in the spokes of the front tire, she was dragged about 30 feet before the bike and the biker flipped over onto her. The injuries she sustained that day are still visible. We saw the biker in public later that summer, and she said to my daughter that she hoped she had learned her lesson, and she should look both ways before crossing the path next time. All bikers need to remember the Rio Grande Trail is a shared-use trail. It is not a biking highway. Please beware children and dogs, even under the best supervision, are unpredictable. Slow down when you see them coming. Be prepared to stop if you need to. Dont be the person who hits a child.Angie SimpsonGlenwood Springs

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