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It is popular these days to question if it is possible to be a capitalist and still sleep well at night with your conscience. I sleep very well and the great part is, I never have to stop being a capitalist.

If I said you could have a 97 percent chance of earning 5 percent per year for the next two years, is that something you think you would be interested in? What if I also told you while earning this return, you could help lift hundreds of people out of extreme poverty in developing countries? This is exactly what is possible through an organization called MicroPlace.

MicroPlace groups together small contributions to fund bonds issued by MicroPlace, who in turn partners with local field partners in various countries to provide micro-credit to deserving entrepreneurs.

The truly unique aspect to MicroPlace is it offers a whole wide range of investment opportunities, not just third-world development activities. Its newest offerings are bonds yielding 5 percent due in two years to fund micro-credit by their 25 field partners in various developing countries, including among others, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Ecuador, and Honduras. This is the traditional use for micro-credit, but if you are willing to accept a bit lower interest rate you could, for example, buy bonds which will fund poor entrepreneurs in Texas through ACCION Texas. Their repayment currently stands at 95 percent. Right now on the site, there are over 70 different ways to invest in the micro-credit community around the world.

My favorite micro-credit organization is still, only because I enjoy looking through all the profiles and choosing who I think is the most deserving candidates for my money. If you are a busy professional and have neither the time nor desire to track individual loans, is perhaps the place for you. From helping pig farmers in Cambodia to store owners in Texas, people can exercise their social responsibility and earn a little money in these tough economic times.

Forrest Lowell

Glenwood Springs

Also addressed: Dear Mr. Boyle

It is hard to have a fruitful exchange when you refuse to defend your position.

I have one simple question for you, and even a person of your superior intelligence and intellect should be able to answer. I realize I’m not as smart as you, and that is why I’m asking for your help in this matter. Where in Article 4 of the Geneva Convention do the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay fall under? Any help you could give me in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph J. Ceremuga

New Castle

As six students attending Basalt High School, we have taken an active interest in making our state become greener. After months of research, we have discovered beverage containers are one of the biggest contributors to Colorado’s solid waste production.

We plan to propose an act called Colorado Bottle Recycling Act (COBRA), which would require citizens to place a 10-cent deposit when purchasing a plastic, aluminum or glass beverage container of any size. This deposit would be redeemable when the container is returned to a store where that brand of beverage is sold. Any deposits not collected would go toward funding other recycling programs in the state.

We are asking for the community’s support for this act. Please contact us at or check out our Facebook page (CO.B.R.A.).

Jade Johnson


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