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I am responding to a letter which ran in your paper March 23, regarding the voting process on HB 1292 ” the omnibus bill in the legislature which included the proposed Oil and Gas Commission rules. Annick Pruett of the Rifle Chamber of Commerce, Shari Neuroth, Chair of the Rifle Chamber, and Cheryl Chandler of the Silt Chamber of Commerce submitted the letter concerning my actions while the bill was being debated.

It is common practice when debating a bill on the floor “not to take cards,” since it is our responsibility to stay in the chamber and listen to the debate. If we leave the chambers, it is very possible we would miss votes ” which is not a good practice and does not provide good representation for my district.

The cards which were given to me consisted of exactly four from my district ” three of which were written by the same person. All four cards gave the name and address of the person, but none of them asked me to come out of the chambers. In fact, according to the House sergeants, the citizens who came from the Western Slope were sitting up in the gallery, which is not accessible from the floor of the chambers, and not one of the cards asked me to come discuss the bill. If that is what the two citizens from my district wanted, they could have asked me to leave the chambers and I would have.

With regard to my statements my district supported the bill ” my tabulation of the correspondence from my district indicated more than two-thirds of the people who wrote or called me supported the bill. In addition, I received letters of support from many locations outside of my district, including one from the Rifle City Council.

Representative Kathleen Curry


My name is Mauricio Nunez Jr. I am a 13-year-old Mexican-American, I would like to talk to you about my opinion of the plan to build a 698-mile fence between the borders of Mexico and the United States.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be separated from your family and the two places you call home? Did you also think of the futures of the immigrants who would like to study for a better career and have better lives? Also, don’t you think we all Americans, Mexicans, Africans and other should have the same rights?

Think of families who are separated because men come to work so their families also come to the U.S. because their sons or daughters are sick and need medical attention. People come to the U.S. because their children have been stolen and they need money to rescue them.

People from other countries can have a better future in the U.S. If people from other counties come to the U.S. and get a good education, it can help the economy. People from other countries should come to the U.S. because they can get a good education and help other poor people.

Don’t you think we all Americans, Mexicans, Africans and others should be the same? Don’t you think we all should have the same rights? All Mexicans, Americans and other immigrants should have an opportunity to have their own careers and futures. Isn’t that what America was built upon?

If you dislike immigrants, think again. Immigrants are not criminals, they just come to work here for their families and a better life. Everyone comes from a family of immigrants who came to the United States to find freedom and prosperity.

(Teen Newsweek article from Holly Bailey and Associated Press Reports)

Mauricio Nunez Jr.


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