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I was perplexed by Eric Olander’s March 11 comments, especially the words, “Such anger!” I don’t understand. After making the allegation, you failed to provide evidence. Please let me know what I said that was so angry.

Was it anger because I disagreed with your assertion Jesus was a “radical liberal?” Or the statement eternal Son of God is far above all of our political persuasions? (I believe I included “conservative” in the statement, but some people believe just what they want.)

I didn’t mean to offend you; please forgive me. I suppose I can get strong at times, but I wasn’t angry at you.

It seems people with different views should be able to engage in robust debate, without calling names, or making insulting allegations (i.e., Ronald Reagan is my “god,” etc. Really, Eric, that wasn’t nice, was it?)

One rather glaring defect of partisan groups, it appears of the far left, is they’re very tolerant, as long as their opponents, especially evangelical Christians, don’t disagree or expose the errors of their world view (and believe me, there are huge ones). So much for tolerance and political correctness.

As far as Ronald Reagan being my “god,” I assure you, he is not. However, he was far and away a better and more effective leader (and a kind-hearted human being, I understand) than any liberal Democrat, at least in modern times.

The problem with most liberals is, they’re quite generous, but with our hard-earned money. What better illustration is there, than the socialist/leftist who unfortunately is now in power? He has spent more taxpayer money in his first two months than any president in history. What does that bode for the next forty-six months, and how many generations following us will be paying his bill?

Don’t blame me; I voted for McCain. By the time this celebrity executive is done with his reckless experiment in social engineering, our shell-shocked population will be ready for a return to the sanity of true conservatism. It will be back if this nation holds together that long.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

Mr. Blankenship must have lost his copy of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent when he wrote his Mission Accomplished letter.

The letter I wrote March 7th attempts to encourage people to write their House and Senate representatives to help pass the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) regulations as written. To quote myself, “These are the unpassed rules.” Perhaps he can tell me how to be more clear.

Might I also suggest the cow methane connection no longer brings the smile it did after Mr. Blankenship mentioned it years ago.

He should keep a sharper eye on state Senator Josh Penry, who will likely champion the interests of oil and gas companies and those “good workers from all over the USA,” rather than protect our own environment and citizenry. Penry is your kind of guy.

Barbara Coddington

Glenwood Springs

I’m writing in response to the March 18 letter from Jim Breasted, to say I applaud the Glenwood Springs Post Independent reporters ” along with the editorial staff at the other newspapers in the valley ” for keeping an invaluable profession alive in tough times.

Staying financially afloat in the newspaper business these days is an uphill battle. But we must, at all costs, continue to have journalism. Reporters strive to get answers on behalf of the public, sit in on governance meetings which citizens cannot attend, bring to light issues vital to our communities, and connect us with our neighbors.

Keep up the hard work. If our local newspaper journalist doesn’t charge forward, who will?

Trina Ortega

Editor of the Sopris Sun


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