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I read Robert Boyle’s letter in response to Mr. Herbst titled, “The True Message.”

It is beyond understanding the hate he has for anything pertaining to God or religion. In his own words, “As you know, the sickness still lives in our country and as the letters testify we are still cursed with a plethora of such ideas here.” Speaking of Mr. Herbst, he gathers all believers into one neat package when he writes, “The Imams and Ayatollahs in all the radical madrassas who preach religious hate of the different are his brothers. They all worship the same God.” According to Boyle, “We have had a thorough dose of it in this nation in the past with blue laws, bombings and murders at abortion clinics, lynchings, racism and more.” What is interesting is that Christians are appalled about many of the same things he loads on our backs.

When I read of an abortion clinic being bombed or people shot outside of their doors, my first thoughts are of grief for the injured and dead. My second thought is how could anyone do this under the guise of Christianity? Christianity, like all public-based organizations, is not immune to extremists who stretch and distort biblical principals to validate their actions. As far as lynching, racism and more, you will have to give me specifics, Mr. Boyle.

I cannot or will not speak for the extremist who send children as human bombs to kill infidels in their Holy War. But to group Mr. Herbst and Christians with these killers is beyond normal thought, and reprehensible.

When I read Boyle’s letter, I think of men such as Hitler, Mussolini and Idi Amin. Men who went on to cleanse their worlds through genocide of all who did not fall within the narrow confines of their ideologies, men who wrote and spoke out of hate as Mr. Boyle. Nero, the Roman Emperor after years of persecuting Christians calmly played his fiddle as Rome burned.

Mr. Boyle writes, “Our nation is only now slowly getting well.” Really, Mr. Boyle?

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

In these trying times of bank bail outs and fraud, it is apparent we seem to have a misuse of bank-holders funds right here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Alpine Bank has been trying to secure re-entry to the United States for Abraham Baeza since last November because the immigration department claims he doesn’t have the proper paperwork. Meanwhile, Glenwood Springs Bank Branch president Bill Sanderson has kept Mr. Baeza on full payroll, as well as pay all legal fees to help secure Mr. Baezas’ return to the United States. Anybody paying any fees to Alpine Bank for whatever service they are receiving, is paying for this ridiculous situation.

I’m sure Abraham was a good employee while he was here and a good person, which has nothing to do with spending bank customers’ money for self-serving greed.

I don’t mind the bank president spending his own money or taking donations from people who feel this legal battle is important to them.

I don’t approve of my money being used for Abraham Baeza’s welfare. It was his decision to return to Mexico and he alone should face the situation on his own to enter this country in a legal manner.

I have my own bailout plan … as a business client of Alpine Bank … I’m bailing out!

Rick Covington

Glenwood Springs

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