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A Mexican-American boy recently wrote a letter the Glenwood Springs Post Independent which was published in Wednesdays paper. Let me first state I personally find any self-imposed title such as Mexican-American, African-American or any other hyphenated American name extremely offensive. If youre a citizen of this country, you need to introduce yourself as an American. President Theodore Roosevelt spoke at great lengths about immigration. He also defined the differences between being an American and the problems with having a divided allegiance. We have room for only one national flag in this country, and that is the American flag. We have room for one language in our country, and that is the English language. I challenge you to read American history, and the speeches and writings of former great Presidents of the United States and the Founding Fathers of the United States Constitution. Read about what it truly means to be an American. I think youll be very surprised at what you learn. Please encourage your history teacher to address this subject at your school. That is, if local schools in fact actually still teach American history.In response to your questions concerning legal rights, fences and borders; illegal aliens do not have the same legal rights as the citizens of this country. When an individual invades our country, he is committing a crime and must be treated as a criminal by law. It is necessary for America to make our borders as secure as possible to defend the people against criminal activity. These criminal activities include terrorist attacks, drug trafficking and illegal immigrant trespass.Nathan J. BerhowSilt

Charles Darwin provided a legitimate scientific framework to analyze nature, to be sure. The question is, what has that actually provided? Hals article assumed a bit too much. While evolution is explanatory in micro-evolutionary events (Darwins finches or tracking malaria, for example), it seems to be falling short of truly explaining the hypothesis that dinosaurs would have changed into birds or a dog into a whale. The complexity of such changes would be beyond anything Bill Gates could possibly imagine.The basic building blocks of life are DNA, amino acids, and proteins. The DNA give instructions to proteins which assemble amino acids into proteins and DNA. This 3-in-1 cooperative effort is impressive, especially when you consider the diversity of proteins and functions even a basic single-celled organism must undergo (thousands). The real questions are where did these three elements come from in the first place? And how did they know how to work together? From a Biblical perspective, the creation days have an amazing similarity with the formation of our solar system. Light, earth, formless and void, water, sky, land, plants, animals, man. This order of events and even the general descriptions of those events reflect well what we know today about the cosmos and the order of life on earth. Putting aside the poetic debate, that is a striking feature of the Genesis account, especially considering it was unique in the 200+ cultural creation accounts and was written at least 3,500 years ago, well before Hubbell and Einstein realized we had an expanding universe.Yet, Darwinism is, and should be, on the table. It is a fair approach to try to understand what we see in nature. That fairness needs to be both in the support and critique of such theories. Where it appropriately describes what we see, it should be noted. Where it falls short, it too should be noted and other theories posited rather than a blind embrace which denies a reasonable conclusion. In the end we would all be better for it, even if those conclusions point to a designer.Rick BarthSilt

Although these drilling fines actions are commendable, I would still like to see large amounts of these fines going to LoVa so Garfield County could see a bike path along the Colorado River in my lifetime. The amount of truck traffic from these companies has made just about all of Garfield County roads west of Glenwood unsafe for cycling.Thomas MoherRifle

I am glad Barb Coddington is happy more people will lose their high-paying jobs with Haliburton now that the Governor has signed the new rules. Where are the supposed high-paying jobs in the Green Industry? Do you really think people installing windmills are going to be paid as much as folks in the oil and gas industry? Where are the windmills going? Are you aware they are noisier than a drilling rig? Would you like to see them lining the ridge north of Glenwood or overlooking Colorado National Monument in the Grand Valley? Yet this visual pollution is what you are calling for. Are you aware an environmental group is fighting the installation of a wind farm in California because transmission lines need to be installed and might disrupt a threatened habitat? The loss of the high-paying Haliburton jobs means there are many fewer people who will be able to pay for Obamas doubling of the national debt in the next four years. Yet Democrats say, with a straight face, the budget will be balanced in four years! Where did they learn their arithmetic? On top of this, Obama wants to tax every one of us by enacting the Cap & Trade, which is a dismal failure where it has been used in Europe. Since Congress and Obama are attacking business by attempting to enact legislation which makes us look like Venezuela or Cuba in the ability for government to confiscate private business, what kind of inflation rate are we going to have in 12 months? The incompetence of the current government is fast approaching that of Jimmy Carter, who left President Reagan with 18-percent interest rates and 11-percent inflation. How long are we going to put up with this insanity? It is time to impeach our Congressional members who are voting in favor of acts which violate the Constitution, such as the AIG bonus debacle. I dont see Congress calling for the return of bonuses which were paid by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.Sharon BrennerCarbondale

According to Attorney General Eric Holder, we are a nation of cowards! It seems our dysfunctional leaders show us nothing but disdain. Our self-interested ultra-elite representatives passed the largest spending bill in history without reading it. Have they secured our borders; enforced our immigration laws? Why have they earmarked $300 billion for illegal alien welfare, forced our industries to foreign countries and used our tax dollars to bail out failed, corrupt, greedy companies?But lets be totally honest, it was not all their fault. While we were playing with the toys of our bloated lifestyle, we lost sight of our representative democracy. Our servants became our masters. However, theyve created all our current problems. Democracy does not repress power, it unleashes it to We the people Lets create a We the people Stimulus Package so all laws which apply to us apply to Congress. Repeal Congresss right to vote for their own raises, insist on a balanced federal budget, make Congress pay into the Social Security system, install term limits, let them invest in their own 401K just like the rest of us. Why should they get their full salary plus benefits for the rest of their lives after serving only one term? We should stop paying their insurance premiums, make English our official language, focus on winning all conflicts, institute mandatory service to our country, with a two-year obligation instilling spirit, service, honor and duty, and emphasize nobody is entitled to anything they dont earn.We are the worlds lone super-power, and we cant defend our borders, balance our budget, win conflicts, manufacture our own products, or protect our currency. Our national debt is approaching the GNP of the entire world.Lets start a second revolution. Mail a tea bag to our current non-representatives Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet and state Representative John Salazar. Get their attention. All three of them need a large L tattooed on their foreheads.If you do nothing, and are still able to, buy a gun. Youll need it.Stan RacheskyGlenwood Springs

Also addressed: Mr. Covington,I was very disappointed to read your letter regarding what you describe as Alpine Bank’s misuse of funds in supporting their employee Abraham Baeza and trying to get him back in to the country.If you did not take the time to contact Mr. Sanderson to find out a little more about this issue before putting pen to paper, I suspect you may be guilty of jumping to conclusions and I would encourage you to try and learn a little more before being so quick to judge. The reason Mr. Baeza is stuck in Mexico currently is because of bad legal counsel he was given prior to departing. Perhaps a letter to the editor criticizing the attorney would be more warranted. Mr. Baeza was Alpines first (and I believe still the only) Spanish speaking officer and has played an integral role in growing Alpines business within the Latino community. A smart business recognizes that its employees are its most valuable asset and Alpine has invested a lot (and received a lot back) in Mr. Baeza. Maybe a large national corporation would see the short term view that you seem to espouse and drop Mr. Baeza like yesterdays news. Alpine Bank clearly sees things differently. Mr. Baeza is both a key employee and a tremendous asset to our community. You can certainly pull your money from Alpine Bank and deposit into one of those huge national banks that pays millions in bonuses to reckless employees or on reflection, maybe you will decide to keep it in a locally owned bank that has built its success on looking after its community and its people. Sometime down the road, if you face some setback in your business, would you rather be asking a national corporation to extend your line of credit or a local bank that can see beyond the immediate bottom line? As a business owner yourself, I can only hope you do not treat your employees the way you suggest Alpine Bank should, viewing them as expendable commodities rather than your most valuable asset. I also hope that you work as actively as Mr. Baeza does to improve the community we live in and support those in need. Julian HardakerGlenwood Springs

I believe the bike trail access from Catherines Store Bridge to the downvalley end of Rock Bottom Ranch should not only open May 1, but should be open all year long. This parcel is a large and very important public fishing access.The lower end of Rock Bottom Ranch (and ACES, which is where fishing access conveniently ends) already has a large fence in place, which would be a perfect point at which to close winter and spring access for calving elk and nesting herons. The steep, hilly land downvalley of this point is not important winter range for deer or elk, there is very little forage until you get into the meadows upvalley of that gate. Herons dont nest there, and deer and elk use the path below that point infrequently mainly in transit to and from areas like those meadows above where they have to spend lots of time to survive.As a fisherman and outdoorsman, there is no valid reason in my mind for this lower portion of the trail to ever close, especially considering the money it took to build it and the number of fishermen in this area who contribute significantly to the tax base and who need public access to be preserved. Didnt a lot of our money go into building this trail, when we used to be able to access this water on the railroad tracks any day of the year?When I moved here 18 years ago, no one cared if you fished many areas like this, which have since been closed to the public. And now suddenly there is a perception amongst a few people a closed trail is somehow negatively impacting deer, elk, and herons which did just fine all those years when no one cared who came or went. What is becoming more endangered than herons are places for fishermen to enjoy whats left of the wild. If you fish and are concerned about your access to this area, please e-mail the RFTA board at by Thursday, April 2.David E. Johnson, owner, Crystal Fly ShopCarbondale

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