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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Not quite sure why that would be a headline for an Aspen paper.I know a lot of plain American citizens out of work. I know a lot of people who have had to worry about losing their jobs as well as their homes.I would say everyone in this valley is taking the brunt of the recession. It has not just hit illegals, its hit everyone. Our gas prices are starting to spike again.If out-of-work illegals think by waiting for spring to come is the hope and answer, not true. There is no extra money, there are no jobs, the stock market is tanking. There will be hundreds of citizens for every job that becomes available here in this valley and in this state. I think the article is misleading. American citizens can draw unemployment, but that runs out, too, after a time limit. That is not the whole answer, either. Most American citizens will be jumping on jobs just as fast as they become available. I dont think the old adage Illegals will be doing the jobs that Americans wont will be the criteria anymore. Not so.American citizens are all in this together.Jane SpauldingCarbondale

Funny thing. I usually get to town (Silt) to pick up a Glenwood Springs Post Independent newspaper by noon. I like to read it every day. For the past couple of months, all the papers are gone by noon, so my wife now picks them up in Glenwood. Last month I called circulation to make them aware of this. It worked for about a week, but lately I can never find a paper.As I sat at the library typing an e-mail, an older gentleman came in complaining about never being able to find a paper. The librarian said they dont deliver as many papers as they used to, and that the Aspen papers never come anymore. The older gentleman then remarked the newspapers seem to be complaining theyre not making any money and ad prices are very expensive, but you can never find a paper to even see the ads. He mused out loud, and to everyone there in the library, It doesnt make much sense, does it? So the librarian told him he can go read the P.I. online. He didnt really seem too thrilled about that. Me neither. Can we get some more papers down here?Bernie BoettcherSilt

There is a Sears store hereabouts, in Rifle, as it turns out. However, it is not a Sears Roebuck & Co. store, but is apparently a locally owned franchise of sorts. All things Sears, but the owners live here and your money stays here instead of being shipped back to Chicago.Sears Roebuck & Co. in Grand Junction for example is just a huge national box, like the parasites in the Meadows. The local Sears store is not. There are advantages in that. I just replaced large kitchen stuff. It was delivered and well-installed for little cost and no fuss, which was appreciated, as Im partially disabled and couldnt have helped at all. As it turned out, a problem appeared with one of the appliances, which our local store promptly and very courteously took care of.Go graze in the Meadows if you must. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware. What does service after sale mean to the big box? Good luck with that.D.J. GullifordSilt

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