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In his March 26 piece on the glories of Darwinism, Hal Sundin makes perplexing declarations, something we’ve come to expect from him.

He writes, “(the Bible) presents a mythological story of creation, which should not be mistaken for scientific text,” and myths “cannot stand the test of the scientific method, which requires that … theories must be supported by verifiable facts.” Very interesting.

Sundin evidently was present at creation, to confidently claim the biblical narrative to be mythological. And can he ” or Darwin “furnish one iota of verifiable fact to categorically support the unproven theory of evolution? Can he point to even one species known to be evolving into a new one?

Certainly, evidence exists for microevolution, showing creatures adapting to their environment; we don’t have issues with that, only with new species evolving from old ones (i.e., humans from apes).

Sundin even has the “audacity of hope” to claim the fossil record as supporting evolution (but offers no verifiable facts), when in fact it does the exact opposite: there is little or no evidence of species in transition, no clear missing link, which Darwinists have feverishly sought for 140 years.

Even for a non-scientist (i.e., myself), it’s revealing the theory of evolution (stating simpler life forms, via natural selection, evolve into more complex ones) is overruled by the second law of thermodynamics, stating created systems break down (or devolve) without outside support or reparation ” and there is abundant evidence for that. In science, a law supersedes a theory; why is evolution not a law, Hal?

“Scientists utterly rejecting evolution may be one of our fastest-growing minorities … many of them hold impressive credentials in scientific fields.” – Larry Hatfield in Science Digest.

“Darwinism is merely materialistic philosophy masquerading as science, and people increasingly recognize it for what it is.” – Phillip Johnson, Ph.D.

I recommend the DVD, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” by Ben Stein, and the book “The Case For A Creator,” by Lee Strobel.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

The American economy is the envy of the world. Why do our current leaders want to become socialistic, like Europe? Government cannot create wealth.

We’re currently breaking our kids’ piggy banks. If you were born today, you are already $22,000 in debt. The strategy Obama is proposing has been in place in England for ten years and is a dismal failure, including their government health care program. Nothing is free. Our estimated socialized health care program is going to cost the taxpayer $634 billion. England’s currency has since devalued 30 percent.

Do you understand Obama’s comments on cap and trade? Electricity rates will skyrocket, as will all other energy products we use. This will affect us all every month when we pay our bills. Cost estimates are $100 or more per month, not including gas for your car. So much for 95 percent of the population not paying taxes.

Did you ever sit down and calculate the taxes we all pay … state, city, county, federal, property, sales and use, payroll, worker compensation, unemployment, income, etc.? When does it end? How much can we afford?

Many companies have ceased matching funds for 401K plans. Maybe they’ve realized you can’t spend your way out of a recession. Cash is getting scarce, and they’ve come to the conclusion there are two kinds of money … yours and theirs.

IBM plans to lay off 5,000 more employees, transferring their jobs to India. Presently, IBM employs 400,000 workers, 71 percent (284,000) in foreign countries. Microsoft just laid off 5,000 jobs and HP 25,000.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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