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Open letter to: Sen. Salazar, The following issues and other items are ones we are extremely concerned about and want you to know how we wish for you to vote.Against the mega-trillion dollar spending bill.Against forced green legislation. We are for clean energy, but realize that it is not very efficient, is extremely expensive. Higher taxes, penalties actually for needing to drive our cars, keep our homes warm/cool, and other necessary uses Americans cannot afford this! Against funding abortions at any stage in this country and certainly not overseas foreign countries. Against Americans paying to bring Palestinian refugees here no Money and then the idea that no restrictions regarding political leanings Jihad or Hamas incredibly shortsighted & foolish.Against the confirmation of Sebelius as head of Health and Human ServicesFor tightening our borders/keep us safe!Against Americans funding illegals education, welfare etc. Against any policies granting Government power over the people and businesses.Obama is bankrupting Americans and that means America! Even the foreign countries have brains enough to figure it out. He is ruining the economy and the future of all Americans the immediate future! People are very afraid of what is coming.But you know that, as a Senator, and that is why our own military and National Guard are preparing for martial law. Its going to get ugly, isnt it?Just how much money does Obama think that Americans have, anyway? Taxing every breath we take is never going to solve the economic crisis. Americans are waking up fast to the Change he envisions. Obama is going to be the best thing that ever happened to the Republican party. If he even lasts out his 4 years without the country screaming foul, he will never get re-elected on this Marxist agenda. It really does appear that he is trying to destroy America not defend her. He is selling us out. What is he doing meddling in private businesses?The United States is the greatest Country in the World built on Capitalism and free enterprise, the importance of the individual not the government. This is what he wants to change! Please stop him!Ed WilliamsParachute

I want to thank you and Pete Fowler for running the affordable housing story on the front page. We may finally be in bad enough times to imagine how hard it is for many people to afford rent in the Roaring Fork Valley. It sounds like Josh Russell, Executive Director of Archdiocesan Housing, needs a hand from the local governments and from the citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley who know property. He has money, smarts and ambition to build another affordable housing unit. What he needs is local knowledge and commitment to put all the pieces together.It is shameful Catholic Charities has been searching for a site to build affordable housing in the Roaring Fork Valley for over 10 years, while in that same period luxury housing has proliferated. Are we going to wait another 10 years until his donation of $3 million is worth $3? Archdiocesan Housing has a proven track record of building affordable units here. Look at Machebeuf in West Glenwood and Santa Lucia in Carbondale. This is a financial gift to our communities to address one of its direst problems. If there is nothing else these hard times tell us, it is that its time to help each other. It is time for the town governances, property owners, and developers to get serious and help make this long-delayed dream a reality. Sue LavinGlenwood Springs

Several times a year, I pass through Glenwood to enjoy The Diner and several other great food eateries. Last weekend, I stopped on my way back from Utah. As always, I read your excellent newspaper.Denver suffers many of the same problems you report in Glenwood. Most of them related to unending illegal and legal immigration. The more illegals in Denver, the less jobs for Coloradans at a living wage. Our food banks run out of food not only for Coloradans, but for illegals without jobs. Weve got 10,000 homeless which is commensurate with tens of thousands of illegals who take those jobs. Our hospitals struggle because of Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) which gives illegals free care paid for by our tax dollars and insurance rates. Jackpot babies cost us millions from illegals birthing their kids here, which results in more and more poor who need dental clinics for their kids. Kids of 85 languages are in our schools, which creates chaos in our educational systems for our kids. I am a former teacher to attest to the mess created in our classrooms by illegals. As your letters to the editor show, many residents of Glenwood expressed their frustration as financial assistance goes to the wrong people. Illegal aliens take jobs from Coloradans and undercut wages. Employers of illegal aliens win obscene profits from slave labor, and taxpayers lose because they must subsidize those illegals in education, medical and incarceration.I invite the Glenwood Springs Post Independent to report on the incredible corruption connected with illegals working in Aspen and Glenwood, including employers who pay cash only, avoid income taxes, landlords allowing multiple families in one bedroom apartments and the dirty secrets of rape, domestic violence, burglaries, car thefts, ID theft, shoplifting, and forgeries. The more you encourage criminal aliens into Glenwood and Aspen, the higher your consequences in every area. At some point, your hospitals will collapse, your schools will break down, your jails will overflow and your cops wont be able to keep up with the social chaos.Frosty WooldridgeLakewood

This is intended for those who kicked in the door to my home and robbed me of possessions which cant be replaced. I detest you feel you are entitled to steal what belongs to others, taking from people who have worked to have things they enjoy. Things which were purchased and cared for in order to not have to replace them, things which have devalued with age, and cannot be replaced. Things which were still useful to me, things which were gifts to me.You didnt steal because you were hungry. My cupboards are full of food. You didnt steal because you were cold. My closets are full of clothes. Your intent was only to terrorize, intimidate and violate.It is my hope you will be caught and made to pay for the misery you have caused others. I cannot even fathom your mentality and what joy you think you get from doing these destructive things. Are you bragging and strutting in front of your friends about the things you have done? If you find yourself being photographed wherever you go, just know I am one who will be taking pictures in my neighborhood and around town, and I will encourage others to do the same.I doubt you will ever pick up this paper and read this letter, but maybe those who know you will. I believe there are people in our town who know who you are, and I implore those people to make you known to the police.Marilyn HallRifle

In his April 5th letter in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, John Herbst clearly demonstrates his misunderstanding of the second law of thermodynamics and of science in general. The second law of thermodynamics states disorder (chaos, complexity breaking down, randomness, etc.) increases over time in a closed system. The key here is closed system. Earth is not a closed system. Billions of watts of energy land on its surface every day from the sun. This energy is what drives life on earth. Every day a random assortment of molecules of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and others are made into ordered structures by plants. This is in the opposite direction of the second law only because there is an external source of energy. The second law does not overrule evolution.Further in his letter, he implies the biblical creation myth cant be discounted unless you were there. Using that standard, neither can Herbst claim the myth is true because he wasnt there. Neither was the author of Genesis, so there is no evidence for the myth. There is just the narrative in Genesis.The theory of evolution is one of the most successful scientific theories of all time. Modern biology rests squarely on it. It is one of the most accessible scientific theories, tested in laboratories and verified in the fossil record constantly. That includes finding transitional species. It is far easier to understand than the theory of gravity or quantum mechanics, for examples. Do you really know what causes two physical bodies to be attracted to one another? How can one magnet push away another magnet without touching it? The process of evolution is much less mysterious than the workings of gravity and magnetism (couched in quantum mechanics). Why not challenge them? Evolution is as proved as a scientific theory can be.In science, experiments are done, observations and measurements are made. Theories are tested by trying to disprove them. The process and results must be observable and replicable by others. Isolated and anecdotal reports, while interesting, are held in abeyance. Try applying those standards to your myths.Gerald R. TerwilligerBasalt

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Thank you, Mr. President! As both a tribute and benefit in the form of an apology, Obama is officially discontinuing use of the appropriately descriptive terms enemy combatant and illegal alien. Both of these groups of settlers joining our nation are now simply referred to as Democrats.God Bless America!Richard DoranParachute

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