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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

What the heck is up with the District Attorney’s office in Garfield County?

Last November, I had about 250 compact disks stolen from my home. Some of the CDs were sold to F.Y.E., and some of them turned up in a house containing other stolen property. A local young man was the suspect. This character sold the CDs to F.Y.E., his name appears on their invoices and when questioned by authorities, he admitted he had taken them.

The District Attorney’s office, however, has decided not to prosecute, and no one seems able to explain to me why. As I sat in the Sheriff’s Office waiting to retrieve 100 of my cds which had been recovered, I had time to reflect on the mission statement hanging on the wall which states, in parts, that the sheriff’s office mission, “Is to provide solutions for the people by utilizing and employing strong morals, good character, untarnished integrity and fiscal responsibility.”

But what sort of lesson is this young man learning about morals, character, integrity or responsibility, when the district attorney’s office can’t be bothered? What does it take for charges to be brought against someone in this town? A Spanish-sounding surname, perhaps?

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Paula Bergman

Glenwood Springs

Direct quote from Nancy Pelosi just after the House passes a $3.6 trillion budget with a $1.2 trillion deficit: “The country wants real change and we have come here to make a difference.” Is this really what the people of the great country of the United States of America want?

I still believe we live in the greatest country in the world. I talked to a U.S. soldier who has fought several tours in the Middle East, and all he could talk about was how much good we are doing over there and how proud he was to be an American helping the less fortunate. He did mention it would be nice to see more support from the media on all the good they are doing.

New World Order, Globalization, socialism, and more. Were these the goals of our Founding Fathers? This country was started by people who based their decisions on morals, ethics, and a strong belief in God. The real truth behind this financial mess has a lot more to do with the fact we are about to become part of a one-world economy. It would be nice to hear the truth for once.

Here’s where hope comes in. We have hope in the promises God has made us. The troubles we are facing today have all been prophetized in the Bible. As long as we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior and that we can be granted eternal life, there is hope.

Please remember the real reason behind Easter.

Joe Theisen


Originally addressed to Roaring Fork Transportation Authority

I am opposed to winter closure of the Rio Grande Trail from Catherine Store Bridge to Rock Bottom Ranch. The trail should be open at all times. I am comfortable with the exclusion of dogs, but not with the exclusion of human beings. I hope you will change your current policy and open the trail permanently to foot and bicycle traffic.

And finally, I look forward to the day when the right of way can be returned to its original use as a railroad right of way for safe, modern, and convenient transit serving the entire valley.

James Breasted


On the front page of the April 1 issue of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, the article, “Gun sales remain above average after Obama takes office,” seems to be an attempt to draw attention, several times, to a suggested connection between our new president and a rise in gun ownership. How dumb is that?

The writer could just as well have cited “More avalanches in Colorado since Obama’s inauguration,” “More citations to pit bulls for their dog attacks,” and “More ski accidents resulting in concussions … “

The fact the writer chose to suggest a correlation between Obama’s inauguration and higher gun purchases is as absurd as any of the above … or, is it our newspaper making another political statement. Which is it?

Stephen Kuhn

Glenwood Springs

I want to commend the city of Glenwood Springs on their recycling center and the wonderful gentleman who runs it. After speaking with him yesterday, I was surprised to hear that we are the only township that has this. People come from Carbondale, Rifle, Silt and New Castle to bring their recycles.

It’s great to see the participation from everyone, but I feel each city should have their own center like ours. It does cost the city of Glenwood to support this program, and if we are taking on all these other communities as well it ends up costing the people of Glenwood in the long run. Plus think of the gas usage to travel from Rifle to Glenwood, it seems a bit fruitless. Carbondale has a wonderful recycle program at Mountain Fair, and its obvious they know what they are doing, but it all comes to Glenwood.

Let ‘s get programs going in all of the cities, it will benefit everyone and encourage more people to recycle.

Patty Grace

Glenwood Springs

As we look at our friends and neighbors, as we see their struggle in these uncertain times, we as Christians proclaim the love of Jesus to all as we share our faith in this commandment-of-all-commandments, that of loving him and loving one another.

We show that love and, at no better time than Christmas (his birth) and now Easter, (his death and resurrection), by simply trusting in God as we remember his redeeming gift in this season of hope ” Easter.

Kim Passey and Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

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