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“Tsunami Tuesday,” Feb. 5, 2008, is a very important date for all registered Republicans. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. for registration and the meeting starts promptly at 7 p.m. It is the date set for caucus meetings across Colorado.

All New Castle residents in the 14th Precinct will meet at the Burning Mountains Fire Station located at 611 Main St. in Silt. I encourage you to come and participate. You will have a vote in the “Presidential Preference Poll” at the precinct caucus meeting. We will also conduct the usual party functions, which includes election of the precinct committee persons who represent the precinct on the Garfield County Republican Central Committee and the delegates and alternates of the County Assembly. At County Assembly, we will be selecting the individuals who are running for office of County Commissioners ” District 2 and 3, and delegates and alternates to the State Congressional and District assemblies to be held at the Broomfield Events Center on May 31. At these assemblies, the party will nominate its candidates for U.S. senator, U.S. representative ” 3rd District, state senators, state representatives and district attorney.

There is a huge need to have individuals volunteer to serve as election judges. At caucus, there will be an opportunity to sign up as an election judge for your precinct.

Actually, the caucus is the grassroots level of the election process.

Please put the date of Tuesday, Feb. 5, on your calendar and plan to attend. This year is especially important because of the choice of a candidate for president. If you want a voice in who that should be, please plan to attend and let your voice be heard.

Marian Clayton

Republican Committee chairperson Precinct 14

New Castle

I wanted to respond to Susan Mountjoy’s characterization of Christian Science. My experience with Christian Science has been quite the opposite.

I was born into Christian Science, but was always given the choice of using a doctor for healing, or a Christian Science Practitioner. Some times I went to the doctor and some times I relied on Christian Science. The reason I have not needed to use a doctor since I was a child (I am now 30) is because of how effective Christian Science has proved. I have been completely healed of everything you could imagine, from common colds and strep throat, to a dislocated shoulder, ear infections, food poisoning, a shifted spine during a snowboarding accident, and I was healed of another snowboarding accident where I should have been paralyzed, but suffered no effects from it.

As with all religions or anything in life, something can be done or practiced correctly or incorrectly. If a Christian Scientist is denying their children desired medical attention, or if they are conveying to their children that if they are not feeling well they are somehow ‘bad’, that would be incorrect Christian Science practice. However, just because a few people do things incorrectly doesn’t warrant a generalization, any more than saying that all baseball players cheat or that the game is bad because a few choose to use steroids.

It’s unfortunate that your own experience with Christian Science was undesirable, but please don’t use that as a basis for attacking the good that so many other people, all over the world, are accomplishing in their own lives. And you don’t have to take my word on it ” there are thousands upon thousands of well-documented healings, and I can’t think of a better purpose for a religion than one that “affords proof of its utility” in effectively healing others, that supports the individual in their own growth, that teaches love for all mankind, and teaches that God loves every single one of us ” unconditionally. It has been a blessing to my life.

Joel Belmont

Glenwood Springs

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