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Regarding Ed Williams’ open letter to Senator Ken Salazar, (April 8,) I would like to respectfully ask Mr. Williams to drop the use of the, “royal we.” He opens his letter with the sentence, “The following issues and other items are ones we are extremely concerned about and want you to know how we wish for you to vote.”

There is only one signature at the bottom of that letter; his own. Naturally, he gets to have his own opinions and to express them openly. But if he can’t find anybody else to sign that open letter, then it’s not a point of view that, “we,” are sharing, is it?

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

Don’t you wonder if our leaders think of themselves as rulers rather than elected representatives? They need to be reminded our Constitution says, “We the people … ” not “In the name of his majesty … ” They’re supposed to do what we want, not what they want. Contact your congressman regularly.

Many legal challenges are pending regarding Obama’s birthplace. You must be a natural-born citizen to be president, as clearly stated in the Constitution. Obama has a slew of lawyers fighting to prevent his birth certificate and college transcripts from surfacing. Don’t you wonder why? What’s he hiding? The only citizens who have a say in this country are the ones who make themselves heard.

The Democrats are attacking the First Amendment ” freedom of speech ” by attempting to install a fairness doctrine which would kill talk radio and the right of descent in this country.

On 10/4/08, I wrote a letter to the editor concerning gun control. Obama is trying to take away this right by raising taxes through the roof on ammunition and gun purchases. It’s only the beginning of his assault on the Second Amendment. Keep in mind, with guns we are citizens; without them, we are subjects. Obama has strong anti-gun history. Also the Fifth Amendment (property rights) and the Tenth Amendment (states’ authority). Get yourself educated.

Why is our current government trying to get us to hate wealth, while they all have amassed enormous amounts of money? Obama received $110,000 in campaign funds from AIG, Senator Chris Dodd (D.Conn) $281,000, White House Chief of Staff Rob Emanuel $300,00 and Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) $112,000. Does that answer any questions in regard to the AIG bonus bru-ha-ha? Barbara Boxer (D, Ca) and John Kerry (D, Mass) strong critics of the Iraq War are both heavily invested in Haliburton, the largest defense contractor in Iraq.

The ultra-liberal democratic Congress is a hypocritical symphony of destruction. What a bunch of liars. Don’t forget, the entire senate voted to go into Iraq, not just President Bush.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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