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Re: “Come to the Tea Party,” Stan Rachesky and “Socialism doesn’t work,” Bob Anderson, PI, 14 April 09.

As I understand the “Tea Party,” concept, people are protesting excessive taxes and, in general social unhappiness. If my understanding of history is correct, the original Tea Party in Boston harbor focused on taxation without representation.

We have, however, elected representatives who are legislating all the taxes we currently pay. Moreover, our current taxes were legislated during the Bush Administration, none the result of the Obama Administration. What, then, Mr. Rachesky, are people protesting at this current Tea Party?

Mr. Anderson’s lament and clever story about grades, which purports to discredit socialism, misses the mark. All governments employ some form of socialism, most attempting to balance socialist with capitalistic policies.

Even notorious socialistic states such as Russia and China use both socialist and capitalist practices.

If Mr. Anderson will truly embrace Ayn Rand’s philosophy, (“I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine”), he will no doubt refuse any Medicare and Social Security benefits he would otherwise be entitled to. Right, Mr. Anderson?

Karl Oelke

Glenwood Springs

Congressman John Salazar has stepped up recently as a defender and protector of Colorado’s important natural landscapes.

He helped push through Congress public lands legislation which includes new wilderness designation at Rocky Mountain National Park, and a diverse national conservation area at Dominguez Canyon.

Both these accomplishments, protecting such remarkable places as forever wild, reflect Mr. Salazar’s commitment to Colorado’s land, water, and people. Each designation bear his stamp in that, while preserving the natural wonder of these places, it ensures continued reliable water supplies, important agricultural operations and a variety of recreation opportunities.

This smart approach to taking care of both wildlands and community is what makes John Salazar an effective representative for Colorado.

Steve Smith

Glenwood Springs

I encourage everyone to stop by the Earth Day Expo from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 18, at the New Castle Community Center.

This is the third year the New Castle Environmental Advisory Committee is sponsoring this free event for people of all ages. There will be information and events of interest to everyone including water conservation and other energy efficiencies, organic gardening, noxious weed identification, hybrid and electric vehicles, giveaways, and activities for children of all ages.

So come out and see for yourself how to conserve resources, save money, and have some fun as well. For information call 984-0502 or visit

Mary Lou Haflinger

New Castle

I will comment only briefly on Ross Talbott’s April 6 column, “A Terrible Illness Called Cancer.” I hope some member of the medical community will make a more expert rebuttal to his insensitive and irresponsible remarks.

His assertion that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are “seldom even minimally effective” trivializes all of the valiant and successful fights waged against cancer by patients and doctors. He claims to have spent “a great deal of time studying the whole problem,” but touts the use of Laetrile, which has been condemned as “quackery” by the American Cancer Society and judged by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be “a highly toxic product that has not shown any effect in treating cancer.”

Does anyone else ever question whether Mr. Talbott’s opinions deserve the space they occupy in our newspaper every two weeks?

Doris Shettel


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