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“Liberty and Tyranny” is a book which couldn’t be more timely nor more appropriately-titled by its author, Mark R. Levin.

Everyone should read this book, not because it is No. 1 on the nonfiction bestseller list, but rather to gain insight regarding the chaotic condition of our county today, and to learn how and why our government has created it.

It’s all about the abandonment of conservative fundamentals upon which our nation was founded and upon which our country thrived to become the envy of the world … up until the takeover by “statists” who have overpowered us by over-empowering the federal government.

In simple terms, conservatives believe in freedom of the individual, respecting the rights of others, and accepting responsibility for their own well-being and that of their families. Conversely, the statists believe in the supremacy of the state (government) and in building a culture of conformity and dependency in which citizens take on “drone-like qualities” forced upon them by political suppression and economic punishment, such as oppressive regulations and excessive taxation. Does this sound familiar?

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“Liberty and Tyranny” is an easy read and remarkably short book, considering its contents. Some may recall Mark Levin from a previous best seller, “Men in Black,” which was an expose on “how the Supreme Court is destroying America.”

Topics of discussion in his new book include federalism, the free market, the welfare state, enviro-statism, immigration and self-preservation.

It’s both provocative and informative!

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


I would like to take a moment and say my husband was in the emergency room at Valley View Hospital where he received exceptional care for an obstruction.

On the other hand, I would like to take a moment to say some of the ambulance services in our valley are worthless. My husband was very ill and needed to get to Denver via ambulance. The nice people at Valley View Hospital emergency room tried numerous ambulance services in the valley and nobody would transport him. We were told it was because of his weight. My husband had to be on IV to make it to Denver. He was considered critical, but not enough to be flown by Flight For Life to Denver.

As I see things it is discrimination in every meaning of the word. My husband had to stay at Valley View Hospital overnight, and was transported the next morning by the Silt Ambulance Crew. Two very nice men drove him to Denver with no questions asked.

I am sure this letter is going to make a few ambulance crews angry and I really don’t care if your feelings are hurt! Just like you did not care when I needed your services!

I am positive everybody in our valley is not average weight, and I am also sure there are heavy people working in our ambulance transport systems or ambulance drivers who have large family members who may some day need to be transported via your ambulance. I guess you would make an exception for them, though.

Just stop and think about it being your loved one lying there needing to get to a hospital and you are told no over and over because of weight. Not acceptable.

A big thanks to the Valley View Hospital emergency room, all the doctors and nurses, and all the great care we received while there. And to the Silt Ambulance crew who took my husband to Denver. You guys are great!

I hope in the future the ambulance services will purchase one gurney for heavy people to be transported.

Rebecca Boothe

New Castle

In his April 12th letter to the editor, Stan Rachesky complained about the Democrats for a multitude of transgressions including their support of the Fairness Doctrine. He claims it attacks free speech and “would kill talk radio and the right of descent in this country.” Well, from what I’ve seen, this country has descended very well without the benefit of the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine. We have fallen from our once-respectable position as a world leader, due to failures brought about mainly by the policies of the very people talk radio idolizes: recent Republican Administrations.

But of course Mr. Rachesky probably meant dissent. The Fairness Doctrine was adopted in 1949 to ensure the freedom of the public airways, and deregulated in 1987 by Reagan. Because only seven major corporations (none of them liberal) own 99 percent of all media outlets in the U.S., there is a concentration of right-wing ideology dominating the airwaves. Clear Channel, with strong ties to the Bush family, owns 900 radio stations alone, where the titans of right-wing talk radio dominate the scheduling. If the Fairness Doctrine were reinstated, right-wing talk radio shows would be required to allow dissenting opinions. How does this attack free speech?

Mr. Rachesky exhorts us to get ourselves educated, and tells us the “ultra-liberal Democratic Congress … is a bunch of liars” and “the entire Senate voted to go into Iraq, not just President Bush.”

If he is referring to the Iraq War Resolution passed in October 2002, he is wrong. In fact, 25 senators, including one Republican, voted against the resolution. In the House of Representatives, there were 133 votes against the resolution, including six Republicans.

There lies the problem with talk radio. They broadcast right-wing talking points, propaganda, distortions and outright lies. If you are getting your information from these sources, you are likely to be as confused as Mr. Rachesky.

Russell Hedman


Thanks to Carbondale’s Trina Ortega, locals will be sporting the dandiest new design on their T-shirts for the 11th annual Dandelion Day. In all her spare time, Trina came with the winning design for this year’s T-shirt contest. Thanks to all the artists who submitted groovy designs for our annual T-shirt contest.

Dandelion Day will be held Saturday, May 9 in downtown Carbondale. The day celebrates Carbondale’s commitment to not use chemical herbicides on town parks. This year, the day starts with a Crystal River cleanup hosted by the Roaring Fork Conservancy ( We will have a Community Flea Market, farmers with flowers and veggie starts, live music, workshops on the dandelion, mountain pine beetle and planting backyard gardens. There is also the annual compost contest and the “Parade of the Species” down Main Street beginning at 11 a.m.

Stacy Stein and the Carbondale Environmental Board

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