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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I have recently learned that Habitat for Humanity is looking for qualified families who are interested in home ownership in Rifle, with a deadline for acceptance coming up soon.

As the first Roaring Fork Valley Habitat homeowner, I testify to the profound and positive effect it has had on my family and me. Homeownership is part of the typical “American Dream,” but would have been nearly impossible for me back in 2000 when I was a single mother with four children, aged 7-13, and couldn’t find affordable housing in the area.

I would like to encourage anyone who is in need or interested in owning a “simple, decent, home” in the Rifle area (North Pasture and Rimrock) to check out the web site to find out if they qualify and apply. May I emphasize receiving a Habitat for Humanity home is not a “handout,” but merely a “hand-up;” it is not charity. If you have the ability to repay an interest-free mortgage for an affordable home but may not qualify for a traditional mortgage, contact Habitat for Humanity right away. The application process is open until May 15th and volunteers are available to help you through the process. Applications are available on the web site and at the Habitat Resale Store in mid-valley.

My gratitude runs deep for the amazing people who volunteer their time for this and other worthy causes.

Marti (Goulding) Barbour


Also addressed: Dear Sheriff Vallario:

You have admitted to a romantic relationship with a female detention deputy under your command. Your fraternization with a female subordinate prompted anonymous e-mail complaints and a highly-publicized investigation into your conduct. Although the investigation found no criminal misconduct, you have never acknowledged publicly that fraternization is bad leadership. Fraternization creates the appearance of partiality; creates a potential for conflict of interest for the leader; and exposes you and the county to claims of “quid pro quo” sexual harassment, if the romantic relationship ends on bad terms.

What were you thinking?

I trust you will learn from this experience; adopt a fraternization policy, and adhere to it in the future.

Ted Hess

Glenwood Springs

Is it not enough the U.S. dollar is pouring into Mexico on a daily basis? Why, Mr. President, do we need to open a new outlet to Cuba, a communist country? Another question: Why do you tell Mexico we need to tighten down on arms flow to their country? Tell them to stop the northward flow of their citizens. Last query: Why are you wooing and cooing socialist and communist leaders who have nothing but contempt for the United States of America and will never allow their nations to be a republic, let alone a democracy?

Yes, Mr. President, there is equality in poverty which you probably were not allowed to observe in the aforementioned countries where assets are distributed by the government. If you had seen the generally low standard of living, maybe, just maybe, you would change the course you and Congress are pursuing at home. Probably not.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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