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Let’s be honest. We’ve all been had. It doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is/was, or if you are liberal or conservative, or what color your skin is, or your ethnicity, it’s just that we’re all hard-working Americans. How could our president say he wasn’t aware of the “Tea Parties” held all over the country? Is the man in denial? And what’s with Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security secretary, calling veterans “terrorists?” These are our leaders? Do they lead with their heads in the sand? Are they actually Americans?

The “Tea Party” in Grand Junction was a great success. Many of those in attendance carried very clever signs expressing their frustrations with our leaders. Here are a few examples: “Stop spending or you’re fired,” “We the people are reading the Constitution,” “American capitalism = success, love it, live it!,” “I love my country, but now I fear my government,” “D.C. district of corruption,” “Quit selling out my future,” “Cut bailouts and pork, not our military,” “Economic freedom, not economic destruction,” “Be awake, that makes the difference,” “Change happens,” “Obama = Hugo Chavez,” “Responsibility, not irresponsibility,” “Insight is 20/20, foresight is 20/10,” “$11 trillion, too much ‘change,'” “I want my country back,” “BO, I’ll keep my guns and religion, you keep the change,” “My freedom’s not for sale, is yours?,” “Stimulate my pockets,” “220 years to build America, 3 months to destroy it,” “Stop punishing success, stop rewarding failure,” “USA economy to hit Barack bottom,” “Obamanonomics, trickle up poverty,” and my favorite, “Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the axis of taxes.”

Inundate our Colorado congressmen with e-mails and phone calls. Who do they think they are? Tell them to get off the Obama express to socialism and represent the will of the American people. We are Americans, not Europeans, and stop apologizing for us. If they continue to be self-serving and are in it only for the power and the money, vote the B.U.M.S. out … Bennet, Udall and Mr. Salazar.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

Thompson Creek is a special place that we should all be interested in keeping as wild and unharmed as possible. My family and I have spent countless hours in that area and think it would be devastating to the area to have any kind of industrial use. Another thing to keep in mind is the traffic, water and air pollution that would result from the trucks and equipment going in and out of the town of Carbondale and Glenwood Springs.

This area provides us clean water, great recreation, amazing hunting and provides many with livelihoods ” just the way it is.

Linda Singer Froning


In response to Mr. Zaremba’s letter to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent regarding the Thompson Creek Coalition proposal, I would ask Mr. Zaremba if he has any occasion to enjoy wilderness. Drilling in this very beautiful and pristine place would be terrible for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is tourism, which is very important to the economy in Colorado, both today and in the future. I have never seen an area recover that has been drilled. I have been watching some places for many, many years. Our fragile ecosystem does not recover, nor does the quality of our water. Sadly, “drilling sensitively” is an oxymoron.

Ellen Hunt


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