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I am a high school senior at Coal Ridge High School who has been volunteering at a local nursing home for my senior seminar project.

I would like to share with others in my community my experience, which was a very positive opportunity for me to get the chance to help those in need in my community. Helping the elderly has always been very important to me, and by volunteering at the nursing home, I had the opportunity to share stories and learn about their experiences from another time. I also played games and put together puzzles with some of the members of the home.

While being a part of their current lives, I learned they are just like any of us young Americans, they may just think a little differently or have a different way of saying something, but overall they talk and act just like we do. For example, I watched shows such as “America’s Next Top Model” and “Seventh Heaven,” some of my favorite shows, with them at the nursing home.

I think more people in our community should help our elders, who have been such an important part of our history. I really enjoyed my time volunteering, and plan to stay involved in my community for years to come.

Now that I have shared my experiences with you, I was hoping I could, somehow, tell my story to the community. I was thinking of maybe creating an article for the editorial section of the paper, that way everyone that reads the Glenwood Springs Post Independent can see the positive side of volunteering and hopefully decide to volunteer in our community.

Britney Smith


Editor’s Note: We’d love to have you write about your volunteering experience. Send an e-mail to news@postindependent.

Congratulations to head coach Greg Schroeder and the players and supporters of the Glenwood Springs High School lacrosse team for a terrific inaugural season. Coach Schroeder and Glenwood Springs High School Athletic Director Craig Denney deserve a great deal of praise for all of their efforts to transition the successful lacrosse club program to a successful lacrosse team. While lacrosse is a great cross-over sport for our valley youth hockey players, it, more importantly, offers our valley athletes another great sport option for the spring.

We wish the Glenwood Springs High School team much continued success and look forward to many more thrilling victories against established programs like their end of season victory against Aspen.

Peter Tibbetts

president, Glenwood Springs Youth Hockey Association

I currently walk or bike to the Carbondale City Market from my home on the east side of Highway 133 several times a week to do my shopping. With the proposed roundabouts and rerouting of traffic flow through town, it’s possible I’ll have to use my car just to drive across the street to the new market location in the Village at Crystal River. How many others will be forced to do the same?

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, signals stop traffic to allow pedestrians to cross a busy highway, roundabouts do not. That would discourage, if not downright prevent, people on the east side of Highway 133 from walking to the Village at Crystal River and the people living in the Village’s 300 residential units from walking into town.

In areas where there is no need to consider pedestrian access, roundabouts are a fine way to keep traffic moving smoothly, but with Carbondale’s growing reputation as an environmentally conscious town, it’s disappointing that our civil servants are more concerned that drivers “not perceive it as a delay,” than with maintaining more pedestrian friendly conditions.

In this age of fuel insecurity and climate change concerns, promoting greater ease of motorized transportation should not be our primary goal. I hope we can look beyond the “highway corridor master plan that was developed by citizens in the 1990s” when the car was king, and think about options that encourage people to walk and bike more.

Sue Gray


OK, Stan, we get it. You don’t like our new president, and you didn’t from the beginning. Enough is enough already ” let it go! You’ve berated and belittled him for long enough. I believe you even hit on Michelle once or twice. The Queen of England loves her. Do you dislike her, too? The queen of our mother country ” oh, the inhumanity. No reply necessary.

Buz Reed

New Castle

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