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I read a letter to the editor regarding the Tea Party protest that occurred at the Garfield County Courthouse. In the letter, the author admitted that he made assumptions about the people at the protest. Of course when one makes assumptions they almost always end up looking like the first three letters of the word “assume,” and that was a prime example of that happening.

For example, the author assumed that all the protesters were illiterate, unemployed and Republicans. Of course he was incorrect in every case and if he were to have spoken to some of the people there he would have realized that there were Democrats, Republicans and independents in attendance. He would have leaned that people are concerned about the out-of-control spending that occurred during the Bush administrations and continues with the Obama administration and that this was the main point of these nationwide protests. He would have learned that most in attendance are employed and were there on their lunch break. Finally he would have realized that it’s never safe to assume that because one sign has had a spelling error that every person in the area is automatically illiterate.

To further illustrate the dangers of making assumptions let’s use the same logic as the letter writer and make a few assumptions of our own. I guess we could assume that since he said he witnessed the gathering he would also be unemployed. Maybe we should assume since he was not part of the gathering he was at the courthouse for some other reason, maybe he has legal problems, would it be safe to assume that he is nothing more than a common criminal? Maybe he is a bank robber, a murderer and a sex offender? Of course the letter writer is none of these things and it would never be fair to make such assumptions, but it does illustrate the dangers of making broad assumptions.

More often than not when you assume something, you end up looking like the south end of a northbound mule.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

Stop already, Randy Legg of Rifle. Since when is someone standing up to express an opinion a protester? If they were protesting, what is wrong with that?

I would respect and trust someone more, who hastily wrote and misspelled a word, than someone assuming they know how people voted, remember events that happened, and think.

Aren’t your legs tired from jumping to so many conclusions?

I was unable to be at courthouse with my fellow Americans, who want all politicians to think about our future generations of citizens and the burden they are placing on them.

I’m sure most, if not all, were there for the right reasons. Also bet they were employed and paying taxes.

Taxation without representation, is it right?

I will be at the next tea party.

My closing, I want to know the final disclosure of the ACORN investigations.

Pat Vigil

New Castle

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