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Also addressed to Jim Paussa

The community was finessed by the Willits developers. The Whole Foods grocery is going to hire 150 people, most will be full-time employees. These are new jobs for new people. Where are these people going to live? They certainly aren’t going to buy $600,000 homes. The workers are going to come from New Castle and points west on Interstate 70, adding more traffic to Highway 82. How short-sighted.

The community had a great opportunity to fix some of the affordable housing problems and blew it. The almighty shopping at Whole Foods blinded the community to the real problem of affordable housing.

The separation of the Whole Foods from the residential was a brilliant maneuver by the developer. They got everything they wanted for the Whole Foods and didn’t have to give anything back. I sure don’t call that a good deal. Give … give … and get nothing?

Jay Leavitt

Missouri Heights, El Jebel

Also addressed to Levi Burris, Police Chief, Silt

No. 1. November, contacted officer about barking dog next door. Dog still barking.

No. 2. Two weeks later, contacted dispatch about complaint for barking dogs. No one came, dogs still barking.

No. 3. December, at this time neighbors have lived there five months, one to four dogs, in a 20 x 30-foot yard, never cleaning up after them. Smelled really bad, dogs still barking. Personally spoke with you about this trivial matter, you assured me it was important to you. I signed a complaint.

Next day informed neighbors I was removing my fence, argument ensued, told to call landlord.

No. 4. Same evening, officer came to arrest me for threatening my neighbors. Fence and people two different things. Threatening the fence I’m guilty of. Officer said they had three days to comply with too many dogs and clean-up. If I touched my fence, I would be arrested. Neighbor cleaned half the yard, then it snowed. Dogs still barking.

No. 5. January 23, Yelling at neighbors’ dogs to shut up, when I noticed one was bound up so tightly in a cable that he couldn’t even stand or move. Knowing arrest was imminent for entering the yard, I went to the police. I explained the situation, and that I would like to file another complaint for barking dogs. Two officers rescued the dog. Any water?

No need for thanks, I did it for the animals, not the owners. Dogs still barking.

No. 6 January 25, this time, two officers, my house. You have been accused of throwing snowball at neighbors’ dog. Nothing but threats of arrest and jail for hassling them. Now why would anyone be upset about this situation going on this long? I asked your officers to leave my property, and they said to never call them again.

Six contacts, threats of arrest and jail, but sadly the original complaint of barking dog remains unsolved. I can’t wait for the spring melt.

Scary fact, I could be arrested on untrue allegations, with no proof, and if I complained again you would probably send the SWAT team. For a dog barking violation?

David Maynard


I see a story in the Feb. 6 Post Independent about two kids in a stolen Jeep, crashing in DeBeque Canyon. Why does it sound so familiar? Oh yeah, it’s because I read the story in the Grand Junction paper Sunday, three days ago.

For crying out loud, I know this isn’t a real big front-page kind of story, but three days lag time? Maybe if you dropped some of the today-in-Aspen garbage and noticed the “Glenwood Springs” in your own header, we readers could get some local news in a timely fashion.

No, probably not. But thanks for listening.

Jim Ellis

New Castle

Editor’s Note: The Post Independent reported on this incident on Feb. 3. The story on Feb. 6 was a follow up to that story providing some of the arrest details that came out of Mesa County, which is where the arrest was made.

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